Thrust Me No More

I’ve been on the hunt for a hands free vibrator for awhile. Most are pricey (over $150) and I haven’t seen a lot of options so I was hesitant to get something. But my friends at Peepshow Toys always hook me up and sent me the Maia Monroe Thrusting Dildo to try out.
At a glance the Maia Monroe Thrusting Dildo had everything I normally want in an adult toy:

  • 1 yr warranty
  • multi speed
  • waterproof
  • detachable, adjustable suction
  • wireless
  • body safe high quality silicone


Unfortunately this thrusting toy fell short in a few other places. I prefer something longer than 5 inches for toys I use on myself. I am a fat girl with short arms so I must have a device that wont be too short for me to reach myself. #T-rexlife

Also the VERY loud noise this makes when in use was incredibly distracting for me. Unless you want to feel like you are being fucked by a robot, I don’t suggest this thruster. Also, if you are in the sex industry like me and made videos, the aggressive noise of this thruster is very unappealing on video. I was actually shocked something of this size could be so damn loud!


Otherwise this thruster did feel good and the smooth silicone felt great. I really did like that this has a remote and is wireless so you really don’t feel attached to a big machine. You can move this with you to any room so that is a bonus! The up and down thrusting did give a lovely sensation with three different speeds, plus boost the vibrations up 10x for the most power. I did use it on the highest speed without problem but was happy I could start it slow to get the feel of things.
I’m not sure many ladies are looking for a toy that is self powered like this, but I know being hands free is a life saver when making videos for clients. For all my other sex industry ladies I do plan to review an actual sex machine soon so stay tuned for that!


Thank you to Peepshow Toys for gifting me the Mia Monroe Thruster and for offering my readers 10% off with code “ROXI”. Shop my affiliate like here.


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Avant Pride Collection


I have been eyeing the lovely Avant Pride Collection from Blush Novelties since it launched last year. As a huge fan of Blush I knew these would be comfortable high quality toys plus they did this line in celebration of PRIDE!

We created the Blush Avant line because representation matters to us. Our mission, which we stand behind wholeheartedly: “We believe all bodies are beautiful, worthy, and deserving of celebration and pleasure.”

I couldn’t agree more! I full support and back this company not only because of their positive message but because they only produce quality body safe toys. The Avant line offers a variety of VERY colorful dildos and plugs all with the best suction bottom I have ever used. You don’t have to even put pressure on the toy, it simply suctions down once it contacts the floor. AWESOME for a rowdy big girl like myself because I can never find strong enough suctions that stay in place.

There are 12 uniquely great toys in the Avant Collection all body safe non-porus, perfectly curved for pleasure and have a suction on the end for stability. Also all are harness compatible and very easy to clean! I got to try out two different dildos from this collection and absolutely loved them! I think I should “collect them all” and get the remaining 10! There is just something about the texture of these, they are so smooth, comfortable, flexible but strong. Made of pure satin smooth silicone these toys feel wonderful against my bare skin.

Not only are these toys so bright and cute they also come in lovely packing. Blush really goes out of their way to not only make great products but to deliver the entire package in a classy way. I really love how all the vital stats are proudly displayed on the box so there is no need for “instructions” or guide.
I tried out the Avant Pride P2- True Blue. This medium size product is perfect for the g spot and the prostate. You pick the hole! This entire collection is made for everyone. So multi hole, multi partner, the sky is the limit! (Of course clean before changing holes or partners!) The P2 is 6 inches in total length and 1.4 inches in width. I call this medium size and I was able to use it vaginally and anally perfectly. The smooth silicone is really a dream come true it makes insertion so easy. No fuss, no smell, no issues! 100% pleasure and ease!



$28.99 on sale at Bettys Toy Box


Next I got to try out the Avant D4- Sexy in Pink. When I first got this and it was next to the P2 I thought “OH damn this is big”! But once unboxed and it my hands it was much more manageable and once it was in my pussy OH HELL YES it was wonderful! Standing at 8 inches tall and 1.75 inches wide this is basically my dream size for a dildo. I may be a size Queen but I just know what feels good! Only 7 inches of this are insertable so its not really that large. This is certainly my new go to favorite dildo because I can ride it, lay down and use it on myself, use with a strap on, or use it with my Liberator for an even better ride. I love how again this material is perfect- it doesn’t get too slippery but yet is incredibly smooth.

$49.99 on sale at Bettys Toy Box


There are so many others in this collection I must try! They are have such unique shapes that you don’t see on other toys. Plus them all having a suction is a major bonus for me as I like to ride the bigger dildos =) Stay tuned to see which one I test out next! Two down 10 to go!

Special thanks to Betty’s Toy box for gifting these items and always being a wonderful sex positive safe place for shopping. Use my code “ROXI” for 10% off your next order online at

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This is 35

Today I am 35 years old. At first this scared me. I am now closer to 40. I always round up so to me I’m in the 40’s category, but really that doesn’t matter right? Age is just a number they say. Beauty has no age. etc etc.

Well some days I do feel older, like when I have to google internet slang like smh or I have to explain to my son what a CD is. My knees pop when I walk up stairs or just move sometimes. 1999 doesn’t seem that long ago, but holy shit it was 20 years ago. I am happy when I get carded for alcohol. I’ve aged into a brand name snob for things like make up and shoes. (I’ll never give up my Aldi grocery shopping though don’t worry!) I remember I was in high school audio visual class when 9/11 happened. We watched the news all day not understanding what a catastrophic event just happened. I remember my teachers saying this will be in all the history books and we are witnessing it.


You could say I’ve witnessed a lot in my 35 years. I’ve traveled to 8 different countries and all over the United States. I have birthed a son. I got a college degree. I stripped in Vegas. I went to European alone for 6 months. I’ve met countless wonderful people and tons of scumbags. I’ve slept with some in both category. I’ve put myself out into this fucked up world and have come out successful! That is hard to fucking do. I’ve been in love, I’ve been hurt and I’ve hurt others. I have crumbled and fell, but I have grown.

I always say my experiences in life have made me the confident person I am. I cant say it enough because I promise you I was a insecure shy closed off mess at 18 years old. A younger version of me would have never model, never be naked on the internet and certainly never think people would pay to see me naked.

So today turning 35 isn’t scary anymore. Being this age is fucking great because I am happy in the life I’ve built. I am independent yet also have a wonderful support system that I choose to bring into my life. I have made my life what it is today and its pretty fucking amazing. It is amazing because I have worked my ass off and got what I wanted. Success.

My age isn’t going to slow me down anytime soon. I am excited for many projects and trips coming up in 2019. I’ll meet more great people and some assholes along the road. I know now not to waste one moment on the assholes. I know not to sacrifice my happiness for anyone else’s. I know to put my family and myself first.

Thank you for being wonderful supporters of my wild ways! Let’s keep having naked adventures in 2019!


The King of Wands: Hitachi

He is back and better than ever. Yes I am referring to the new Hitachi Plus as a male. No I’m not being sexist. I just feel the Hitachi has a strong male dominance to it. Like the Hitachi Plus is a sexy Canadian Lumberjack who wears flannel and drinks maple syrup by the gallon. You fantasize about this too right? No? Ok moving on….

Before we get hot and heavy please tell me you have used a Hitachi Magic Wand before? If not I need you to just skip the reading, click my links and go buy it TODAY.

Seriously. Click here.

So, I have had my original magic wand about 7 years. This is a really long time to still be using a toy and it still working perfect. I promise I have used and abused this poor wand. It is one stubborn piece of machinery. To give you some back story the Hitachi has been around over 30 years, has been referenced in movies and written about in magazines like Time and Cosmopolitan. The Hitachi is EPIC- LIFE and ORGASM CHANGING.
So why make a new Hitachi when the original is perfect? Well technology has changed, sex culture has grown, and more people are playing! So thank you Hitachi for seeing this and making a wonderful toy even better.

There are 3 changes to discuss about the new Hitachi Plus Wand.

  1. There are now 4 speeds on this machine! The older one only has high and low. Friends let me tell you I haven’t even been able to try speed 4 because of the sheer power the Hitachi has. I might be a little scared for my clit. But in a really fun way. The Plus offers 4 steady intensities: 2,700; 3,800; 5,400; and 6,300 vibrations per minute. The older Hitachi only goes to 6,000 so the Plus offers more which I didn’t think was even possible.
  1. The head on the new wand is MUCH smoother. The head is still on the harder side but very comfortable on the skin. Also there is a small bend so the device isn’t stiff. The new head is 100x better because the old one was a too rough and actually has small indents making it harder to clean after use. As always with Peepshow Toys items the head on this is made of body safe silicone.
  2. The cord now detaches making it easier to store the wand and without worry of wearing out the cord. This Hitachi does require the cord to be connected during use, but that gives the most powerful massage you’ll ever have. Even better about this cord is now you have to click down on a small button to release the cord. So there is no chance it will accidently pull out during use or break from bending too much. I really love this cord “lock” feature. You can even hear is lock into place.

If you already own the original Hitachi its time to upgrade! Seriously, its not hygienic to use the same wand for years and years. Plus I want you all to test out speed 4 and report back to me ASAP. So go get yourself the Canadian Lumberjack of your dreams just like I did. It’s been true love the instant he made me cum.

Big thanks to Peepshow Toys for gifting this product and for offering my readers 10% off with code “ROXI”. Go get your shop on at

peepshow logo 20180917_171240_0001.png

Confidence and Mental Health

queen gif

Confidence: One simple word yet not a simple concept. I get often get asked how I have the confidence to model, to pose nude, to do sex work, etc.  My answer isn’t simple, its complex just like me.  What adds even more complexity is my depression.

I am getting real here because I like to always be 100% even when its hard. So I suffer from manic depression. I hate the term suffer but not sure how else to say it. Most days are good days because I am on antidepressants and they help IMMENSELY. I have been on some type of anti depressant since I was 16. A long damn time. Depression and anxiety run in my family so I wasn’t really embarrassed to use medication but I wasn’t happy about it either. Honestly I am thankful for the medicine I have had, without it I wouldn’t be living the like I do now.

Fast forward to my 20’s, I wasn’t the confident self assured woman I am today. My biggest advice on gaining confidence is don’t rush things. Growing, maturing, and this learning to love yourself (even that big belly) takes a lot of time. I am about to be 35 and never would my 21 year old self believe I could model and sell images and videos to fans. I have fans?! OMG! Never ever did I think that could happen.  At 21 I was a size 14 pant, today I am a 22 pant. Back then I hated my body and thought I was obese. (Thank you society for fucking with my head so much! *Gives middle finger*)

Unfortunately I let boyfriends shape how I felt about myself. Also my family wasn’t exactly body positive in any form.  Because of past relationships I have been in I know now its  not okay for ANYONE to push their body views onto you. You have ONE body and you own it, NO ONE ELSE. Yes you may share it with someone if you like but that is all up to you. TAKE OWNERSHIP OF YOURSELF.  Do not let anyone else TELL YOU that you should eat less or change this or that.  YOU DECIDE.  This is a hard concept because we all constantly having other critiquing us even if they don’t always mean to. Its human nature to look and form an opinion. But that’s all it is-an opinion.

Once I let go of caring what my partners said about my appearance or what my mom said about my pant size I felt so much better about myself. I wore that I wanted and was proud of my body. It didn’t look like anyone else and to me that was wonderful.  Once I say “let me freak flag fly” I was getting complimented by men and women often. I strongly encourage women to lift each other up and not bash one another. Sadly we already have so many people bashing us as it is. We need to stick together. Now when I wear a new fancy dress out its always women how compliment me and it makes me so happy! Men are easy to please with sex appeal, but other women noticing you out of a crowd is a big deal. To me that speaks volumes of how you carry yourself.

Back to the C word. I do not have confidence every single day, it is WORK! I have to keep myself happy, stay in a positive mind, and then I exude confidence. Once you have it you will notice more people will be drawn to you because confidence attracts other confidence.  Sounds odd but its true. Are you attracted to someone who is negative and a “debbie downer”. NO! Are you attracted to someone who is happy and positive? YES!


Having depression has really fucked up my confidence many times. There are days I just cry and don’t know why. Sometimes I don’t want to leave my house or talk to anyone.  I’ve had suicidal thoughts in the past. This may surprise you but depression is no joke and I hope seeing me be open about mental health will help others talk about it more freely as well. Unfortunately society has put a stigma on it and that needs to end. Thankfully I got medicine when I did and keep up to date with it. Missing 1-2 days really fucks me up, I learned that the hard way. Also, I have a wonderful support system that help me get through bad days.

  • Confidence takes years! Live your life, experience new things! Life changes so much and you must embrace it.
  • Indulge in self care! BE SELFISH sometimes! Get your nails done, a massage, take a bubble bath, go shopping, go to a fancy restaurant dressed to the 9’s!
  • Push yourself to grow
  • Don’t expect everyday to be great. We all have shit days. It’s okay!
  • Make sure you have supportive people in your life. Ditch the dickheads who say you shouldn’t eat cookies or don’t believe depression is real. (College ex memories)
  • BE YOU! Don’t hide yourself even if its scary to be seen


Lastly I ask us all to educate ourselves more on mental health. One of my favorite organizations is Hope For The Day  This is a non profit that I came across at Warped Tour a few years back. I love having this group on my social media because it makes me so happy seeing them spread awareness. Go check them out.

As always thank you for reading!


Introducing PeepShow Toys

I’ve have partnered with a new to me adult toy website, Peepshow Toys and I am loving it! First of all I wanted to make sure this company offered only body safe toys and not only that they have tons of information about body safe toys so we can all be more educated about what we do or don’t insert! Hello who wants to risk hurting their favorite holes! NOT ME!

Peepshow Toys only stocks the following types of body safe toys: Silicone, ABS plastic, glass, wood, metal and stone. Love all this diversity and of course safety. Peepshow is proud to offer quality goods and wants all customers to be educated. Plus, this sex positive brand loves working with sex positive authors, speakers, and community members to get the message out about educated sex toys and pleasure. Bonus the company started in New Jersey and I’m all about showing love to a US based company.

Now to the TOYS! Below are some goodies I’ve been sent. I give my 100% honest feedback as I do want others to find toys that blow their mind and not junk to sit in a draw.

Gaia Eco Bullet by Blush Novelties


I admit I am not a very green person, but I was intrigued by this Eco Bullet because I was wondering what made it eco friendly. Plus I LOVE Blush Novelties so I had to check it out. First impression was its not very cute……but that really doesn’t matter as I’ve had many cute toys that are awful to use. So this little guy is the first ever Eco bullet made of recyclable Biofeel. This is a starch based bioplastic that is biodegradable. This is all awesome but really matters to me is does it work well? That answer is a loud YES! For the small price point of only $7 and being only 3.5″ tall I didn’t expect much.

Once I popped in one battery and pushed the one button I was happily surprised by the power put out! It felt great on my hand, smooth plastic, easy to handle, great size to fit my female hand. Moving down it too do excellent on my clit. This little babe is simple with one speed, one button, one battery. No frills, very well priced, and small so great for your purse/car/travel! Blush Novelties does fantastic again!

Maia Angel Crystal Gems Vibrator


I am not a crystal gem type of gal but I said I’d give this toy a test drive, so I did, and I came so good! I can happily say this pretty number has some great vibrations with 25 functions! I’m not impressed by the packaging or the gem. It looks low quality and the gem is just tacky to me. However the vibrations saved this. Once I got this pretty babe up to the highest speed I came hard. It’s also a great size for my hand and fits nicely on my clit and internally. I don’t think its anything AMAZING, but it is good. One problem I haven’t found the hole to put cord in to charge it back up. HAHA This could be a problem.

Price point is a bit high for my liking at $39. Size is 4.7″ long and 4″ insertable so get smaller size good for travel or on the go pleasure.



Luxe Arielle Dual Vibrator by Blush Novelties


OMG I was so excited when I saw this dual vibrator because I find it very difficult to get double penetration with one toy. I love the look, feel, and design of this vibe. Like many other Blush items it has a smooth satin texture that is wonderful on the skin. I was a bit disappointed that this is battery operated and not rechargeable, I felt it could’ve been stronger if rechargeable. It has 10 speeds, but honestly I needed a high stronger pulse. Also I do wish both stems were a bit longer because I wasn’t able to reach both my holes very well. The total length is 6.5″, pretty standard but that’s the entire toy. Because I have a big belly and boobs with short arms (insert TRex joke) I find it very difficult to use anal toys on myself. Plugs I can do because they sorta lock into place. But with this vibe the stems are too flexible so I couldn’t get enough force from one to insert anally. Its great they have flex, but its too much. With a partner inserting this into me it was wonderful. It did take him a little time to get one stem in vaginally and the other anally. This isn’t a toy that just slips in easy, you have to really place it and separate the stems to go to both holes not just one.

So I am still looking for a dual vibe I can insert myself that is strong enough for me…..The search will continue!


Big thanks to Peepshow Toys for the items and for offering my readers 10% off with code “ROXI”. Go get your shop on at



Items were gifted in exchange for honest reviews/promotion. Affiliate links are used in this post and throughout the blog. Thank you for supporting by shopping via these links.

Panties, Panties, and more Panties!


A lingerie lover can never have too many pairs of panties! I know my tote full is overflowing. I suppose I need another plastic tote so I can keep getting more! I honestly need a organizational guru to help me with all my panties. It may be out of control, but shhhhh don’t tell anyone!

Today I am featuring some of my favorite panties from Hips & Curves, the US based and female owned plus size lingerie company. In case you haven’t noticed from previous blogs I LOVE this company. Sadly it is hard to find a company like this, they actually care that you are happy with your products and are proud of what they sell.

Olivia Strappy Back


The first panty that I love for photoshoots is the Olivia Strappy Back Plus size panty. This isn’t exactly a practical everyday panty but it is FIRE for a special occasion or of course photos. Surprise your partner and take some panty pics in this beauty and you’ll be having a great evening! Hips & Curves offers this style in red, black, and ivory so buy one of each!

Olivia Strappy Back


Next is another lace beauty that goes up like a thong but does have great front coverage. The Cheeky Boyshort with Laceup Back is great under a sexy dress for a cute surprise once you take it off. This style is much more comfortable than the one above. I prefer thongs or boyshorts as they stay up on my hips and booty well. Plus look at that booty POP! Thank you for making my cheeks HOT!

Cheeky Boyshort with Laceup Back

Bonus this little number is part of the buy 3 for $36 special! Load up on those EXTRA sexy undies with this deal.

I cant get away from the lace, sorry not sorry! It makes me feel crazy sexy and hugs me in the right places. This is the Scalloped Edge Wide Lace Thong and I could wear these daily because they great coverage in front on my lower belly, paired with wide side panels. These almost don’t look like a thong because of the wide side, but they still have thong back. I really like this with a business pant so I don’t show a panty line but still feel very comfortable and feminine under boring pants. (I have pants!) This thong comes in red and black at the affordable price of $9.95.

Scalped Edge Wide Lace Thong

There is a VERY similar lace thong that offers six colors and is part of the Buy 3 for $36 special. This panty is the Zoey Plus Size Lace Thong. Again it has wide sides and front from support which I love. I think I need all these beautiful colors and the matching bras! But don’t get my started on bras HAHA

Zoey Lace Thong

If you aren’t into lace or thongs and need a more practical everyday style you can find that at Hips & Curves also. They literally have everything. Cotton, microfiber, satin, mesh, spandex, and more! Find the material you like and the style that fits your body. Best of all a huge collection of the panties are buy 4 for $28! That is a damn bargain, especially for quality, comfort, and great looking styles.


For extra savings use my code “roxiadore” for 10% ANY purchase! Even sale items!


Huge thanks to Hips & Curves for wonderful products for plus size people! Shop more through my affiliate links on this page and at


Sex Furniture is Liberating


I am a newbie when it comes to sex furniture. I always thought why would I need that? I have a bed, chairs, a floor, etc. BUT now that I have experienced the Liberator Tula Hands Free Double Sex Toy Mount I need more! I chose this mount because I webcam and offer videos to fans, so this is a perfect addition to my videos, especially my solo ones.


Right away I was highly impressed with the packaging and quality of the Liberator. In fact the Liberator came in a air suctioned bag that compressed it to half its size! At first I was confused thinking I got wrong item, but no once I read directions and removed the bag it enlarged! It was so cool! Also included is a removable velvet cover that you can throw in the wash when needed.

This isn’t some basic pillow or cushion, the Liberator is constructed with super dense foam and ergonomically fitting for many positions solo or with a partner. This specific model offers two areas to add toys! Another reason I chose it was because I knew I wanted to ride and needed a hands free experience. Also, I am a huge fan of wands and loved the hole on the side that is designated for a larger toy like a wand.

The top hole is smaller and designed to hold any style of dildo. I tried a few different ones and they all held in great. Once I was riding the mount with the toy in I had absolutely no issues with the toy coming out, it stayed in place entire time. Riding the mount was perfect as it fit my height well and was comfortable.

The side hole is a bit larger and deeper, made to hold a wand. I used my Le Wand Massager and laid on my back right up against it. Wow did it do what I needed and all HANDS FREE! No more holding one or two toys, I just got to focus on myself and feeling good!

Overall I am highly impressed with the Liberator and certainly want to try more mounts from this brand. As a plus size person I thought I might just squish this down but I didn’t! I fit perfect and its very comfortable in all the ways I tried. Next I’m going to use it with my partner, as the ways to use it are endless. Any hands-free toy play is fun, add a partner and its 2x the fun right?!




Thank you to Betty’s Toy Box for gifting this item and for selling amazing products! Use code “ROXI” for 10% off anything at







Valentine Lingerie Looks

The time is upon us that so many people dread, but why? Its fun to get your special someone a gift and if your a man that has no clue I am here to help! Look no further than one of my favories Hips & Curves! This fabulous company caters to plus size ladies and has a huge inventory of high quality lingerie.

Layla Fold Down Lace Bra, size 42D on Roxi

The first item I am loving is the Layla Fold Down Lace Bra! Of course I got this in the red and black, perfect for Valentines Day vibes. This bra is so comfortable, made from a nylon spandex. My everyday bras are usually not very sexy but give comfort, this bra gives both! I LOVE how you can unhook the lace on the top and simply fold it down to make this a shelf bra. So sexy and fun! Anyone can wear this bra and rock it!

For some extra sass I paired the red Layla bra with these gorgeous Plus Size Bow Top Ruffled Semi Opaque Thigh Highs. Not only do these look hot they actually stay up without hooks! These fit me so well, which is also hard to find with my very large thighs. I didn’t even rip these when I put them on HAHA I struggle with being gentle with all stockings but these babes stood up to me and my big legs! WINNING!

Bow Top Ruffled Semi Opaque Thigh High, 3/4 on Roxi

Last I had to get a corset for the big day because I like to be extra. For ladies who don’t wear lingerie much I’d suggest just getting a bra, panty, and thigh highs. Add in some new heels for extra brownie points! Sneak and look at her current bra sizes and panty so you don’t have to ask her. If you need help call Hips & Curves, they are always helpful.

I wanted to go bold but away from red so I choose the Paloma Plus Size Steel Boned Corset. This is a high end sturdy corset made to shape your waist. Corsets can be confusing and difficult, so if you are new to wearing them start with a more basic. This is a real corset as it has multiple steel bones inside and made from thick high quality fabrics, thus it is stiff when new and definitely holds you in tight.

As a corset lover and long time wearer I have been very impressed with what Hips & Curves offers. This will last me a lifetime and I can pair it with so many looks from steampunk to gothic or even in the bedroom.

Thank you to Hips & Curves for partnering with me and of course for making so many options for us plus size babes!


Partners go and have fun shopping for your special Valentine! Don’t get overwhelmed or stressed, this is meant to be fun. Plus I promise any gift from my partner I always love because he knows me and what I like. Your partner will too!


Special Thanks to Jessica Branstetter Photography for the beautiful images! Contact her at to book your own session!

My First Brazilian!

I did it! It only took me 34 years to build the courage to to get a full Brazilian wax. Yes I did the entire shabang! Head to toe, front to back, up and down. ALL OF IT and I’m so glad!


So now I present some guidance for those a bit scared to go for the gold. I promise it is not as bad as you think AND it’s totally worth it!

First do your research, get some recommendations from friends or even family of places they have went. If you don’t know anyone who has had a wax consult the internet. Call around to a few shops and ask questions. You want to be as comfortable as possible!

After reaching out to a few local burlesque babes I was given the name of Julie Powers, an Indianapolis makeup artist and Esthetician.  I reached out to Julie and immediately got a professional and informed response. Before I even asked many questions I told Julie I had never been waxed and to give me all the vital info. She laid everything out including that yes it will hurt, but not as bad as imagined, and that hair should be a minimum of a quarter inch. The longer the better.

For me being nude in front of a stranger is no big deal, but I know for many it is scary. Make yourself comfortable, take a shower before your appointment and take a water to stay hydrated. Be open with your esthetician about any concerns you have.

Once I got my appointment booked Julie explained her process and that she used both hard and soft wax. She works from the outside in, so if I would need to stop it wouldn’t look odd. It would look like a bikini wax.


I went to Team Beauty Domination to see Julie and she welcomed me with a warm greeting. Her location is very private and she immediately made me feel comfortable. She gave me the chance to ask any questions and again went over her process for waxing.

In waxing there is hard wax used for many parts of the body, which has to be picked off. (No paper) The hard wax pulls the hair from the root, not just the surface hair.  Hard wax does not pull the skin, only the hairs, thus it can be applied to the same area multiple times. Soft wax is more often used on facial waxing and does attach to skin. Paper is used to pull the wax off. If you miss a spot you cant go back over it with soft wax or the skin will be damaged.

Make sure your esthetician knows what she is doing by asking her questions about the wax used. Julie used a mix of soft on the larger parts of my feminine areas and hard everywhere else.  As far as pain I think they hurt equally. I just want my skin to be safe!

As a fat woman some might expect I was nervous about my fat vagina. Again I’m a nude model so I wasn’t shy.  However it did help that Julie wasn’t a 20 year old size 2 brand new esthetician. She made me feel comfortable not only with her expert knowledge but with her fun personality. We literally chatted the entire time and that helped me so much! Once she got started she was very quick and kept checking that I was okay during the process. She gave me towels to cover if I needed and made sure the room was a calming zone with soft aromas and music.

Before I knew it half of my hair was gone! I was a champion! Julie told me so!

I really was worried I wouldn’t be able to handle the pain, but it was a quick process and quick pain. It took about 20 minutes for the wax to be complete and I felt so great after. Luckily I had no issues after my wax either. I kept panties off for 24 hours as Julie advised and had only a small bit of redness the next day.

Now 3 weeks later and I just now have a little bit of hair growth in one area! I cant believe it, my leg hair and underarm hair have grown much faster than my pubic hair. This is very rare for me and I love it! I plan to get waxed again since my hair grows back long enough.  To me not having to worry about shaving for a month is phenomenal.

Thank you Julie for making my first experience wonderful! I highly recommended Julie to anyone in the Indianapolis area. Also, if keeping hair out of your public area is important to you I say go for the wax! It doesn’t hurt that bad and the pain is gone quickly. It’s totally worth if for smooth skin.

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