Let Me Introduce Myself

Photo by: Ivory Rose Photography

Why have I started a blog? While, there is not one simple answer; there are several complex reasons.  As a wife, mom, and stepmom; all with a full job, I spend most of my days carrying for others. But I need to take time to make myself happy too!

That is where modeling comes into play. I have been modeling for over 5 years, taking time off when I had my son, and then jumping back into it heavily in the last 2 years. Modeling makes me feel empowered, beautiful, and creative. I want others to know they too can feel that way. No matter what you look like; you are beautiful. It takes time to get there but we all have beauty inside of us.

I will feature lingerie and clothing on this blog to show all woman how they can feel amazing with as little as simple sexy pair of panties. Pair that with an outfit you love, the perfect bra and your day will be banging, just like you!

I also want to talk about daily life and how separating being a mom/wife/employee from my model world is can be very difficult. I often feel guilty about booking shoots out of town, or spending money on outfits for specific shoots. This guilt, has never gone away and it likely never will, at least until my son has grown. I know others can relate to this, and I don’t think there is any shame in needing “me” time.

 As my modeling career grows and evolves, so does my voice. It is time for me to start using my voice to empower others. As a body positive advocate, I will show nothing but love for all shapes and sizes. Taking a different approach, I will also cover some of the taboos about sexuality and bodies.  It’s my belief we are naturally sexual beings, some of us more than others (ME!) and we have nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to our bodies and how we express ourselves. I love my body and it makes me feel great to share my body with others. All my lumps and bumps are art, they are natural, and they are me.

Hope you will enjoy my journey into blogging with me. Please feel free to contact me, as I am an open book and absolutely love meeting new people. Thank you for all the love and support!


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