Lingerie of the Week {3}


This week I wanted to try a new style and brand I have never worn before. I ordered a gorgeous bra and pantie set from Adore Me. When I initially went to the website, I immediately saw multiple sets that I would absolutely love to wear. However, after much debate I ultimately decided on a classic, feminine black and white set. The Blythe Contour Plus set I ordered is a 42D and 2x hipster panty. The fabric is perfect and silky smooth, exactly what I enjoy most on my skin. I could also tell they were very well made. This bra was different than my usual style (push up) offering much more coverage.

 I’m in the demi cut bra and hipster panty.

This is a really great set to wear to work or to just lounge around the house. I didn’t feel especially sexy in this set. I actually felt somewhat reserved, so I will not be doing very many photo shoots in these. I didn’t feel like the girls had enough lift or support in this bra. Yes, it does look lovely and look like a good fit, but I like them boosted up for more cleavage. Nevertheless, I do plan to order more from Adore Me as they have a HUGE selection with so many options. But next time, I will go for pure sex appeal!

Brand: Adore Me
Sizes Available: Plus Sizes 38DDD-46G
Pros: Great price ($25 for 1st set), many sizes and styles, VIP membership
Cons: Not a lot of description about bra fit



2 thoughts on “Lingerie of the Week {3}

  1. Daniel Higgerson

    First of all the set looks amazing on you. Second, i guess lingerie has many applications for all scenarios and in this case a lovely set thats practical for every day usage. Im sure women have set combinations that are used for general wearing and also have the special sets that give them the look and feel that they desire. Great desription of this set in the bio. ________________________________

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