My Broad Box!


I have recently become utterly obsessed with monthly box subscriptions. I get SO excited every time I see a package on my porch; while my husband in turn rolls his eyes. But what is better than a monthly treat to yourself, made for you and delivered seamlessly to your doorstep. I can be quite picky when it comes to items I will personally enjoy. However, when I saw My Broad Box my eyes lit up with excitement! These ladies have 4 different boxes to choose from and they are all customized to just for you!  A girl has got to have options after all. 



My Broad Box

The badass ladies over at My Broad Box have really come up with everything you can imagine. First, there are 4 different types of boxes that cater to every type of woman: BroadBox, BodyBox, BlushBox and BabyBox. Plus each box comes in 3 different sizes so you wont break the bank treating yourself. There are small, medium, and large boxes ranging in price from $9.99 – $39.99. I mean, there is literally a box for EVERY woman.

I got a large Broad Box, because I wanted to check out this classic choice. The BodyBox specializes in body care products and the BlushBox has more sensual items to stimulate your sex life. And, of course, the BabyBox is full of baby products every mom-to-be should give a try.


In my Broad Box I received so many goodies including Veeda all natural tampons, pads, and feminine wipes. A bonus is that I got to pick which brand of products and size of tampons I wanted. Talk about being specifically catered to!

Included in this month’s box were several packs of Ibuprofen, a lovely handmade soap, and a fragrant vanilla candle that will go great in my bathroom!  I also got a charcoal face mask and a delicious toffee chocolate bar; two things I can never have enough of!

I really LOVE how truly customized these boxes are. I, honestly, did not expect so many options. I was recommending this box to my friend who doesn’t have a monthly period. I was so happy to tell her that there are several other box options for her.

If you are a badass woman who likes to indulge yourself a little each month then you should definitely sign up for one of these boxes. This is a small business that is not only owned by women but is geared towards each individual woman. The three female owners are environmentally conscious when choosing their products and do everything to keep prices down. My BroadBox is a huge hit for me and I cant wait to check out the other three boxes they offer!

Check them out online:
My Broad Box


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