Lingerie of the Week {4}

Today’s lingerie piece is a MUST HAVE in any vintage babe’s wardrobe. This is a piece I have had for several years and I wear it in a lot of my photo shoots. Rago Shapewear is a well known brand because their items are high quality with gorgeous vintage styles. Even if you aren’t a vintage style lover you will still love Rago Shapewear if you love high end lingerie and love feeling sexy!


Rago Shapewear is the most durable and tight cinching shapewear I have ever worn. Like I said, it is high quality stuff, so there is never any need to worry about squeezing into it and ungracefully ripping anything. As a plus size woman it is especially difficult to find sturdy shape wear that will last, but Rago has that covered. Another excellent feature is that all Rago Shapewear is made with full metal garters. From experience I have learned you cannot trust those cheap plastic garters, so metal is always the way to go.

Brand: Rago
Sizes Available:34C- 48DD or small – 4xl depending on where you purchase from
Pros: $69-$72
Cons: Sizing depends on how firm you want your shapewear


I am wearing Rago Style 9357 – Body Briefer Extra Firm Shaping in a 46 C

This particular piece is an extra firm full body shaper. Rago does have many options and items that are way less binding. Extra firm is the tightest you will find and I don’t recommend an extra firm shaper for your first purchase. Levels of shaping go from light, medium, firm and extra firm. Above I am modeling the extra firm shaper which I did get in a 46C, not the size I would normally wear, but it fits perfect. I had to size larger in width and smaller in chest to find a perfect fit, which Secrets in Lace helped me with. Again, this is why I suggest going with a lower level shaper in your regular size to start.

Below are the two websites I highly suggest when ordering from Rago Shapewear. Both have large selections and similar prices.

American Shapewear

Secrets in Lace

Next time you feel like spoiling yourself splurge on a Rago set or shaper. You will absolutely feel so feminine and sexy wearing these sensual goodies under your clothes or slipping them on for a night in with your partner. Rago lingerie is very versatile and long lasting, and so worth the money. I give Rago 5 big kisses and certainly plan to get more of their gorgeous products in the near future!



Amazing photos by Rachel Schwebach in Indianapolis, IN.

One thought on “Lingerie of the Week {4}

  1. Daniel Higgerson

    Beautiful photo as always. What i like about this weeks topic, being shapewear, is that if you do a little research, you can find quallity garments such as what you are wearing in the photo. One thing i have noticed in many big name clothing stores are their lines of shape wear are less than flattering and quite plain. What i like about this one is that it shows that these garments can be very flattering and at the same time hold in those little bits and pieces yet still give a very sexy look. Also coupled with the garter and stocking combo realy makes the whole outfit come together very well.

    Great post and very informative Ashlee. ________________________________


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