Tempt Boudoir

temptIf you have never been professionally photographed now is the time! What are you waiting for? Seriously, being fawned over and groomed like a queen makes you feel amazing. I think EVERYONE should have a boudoir shoot at least once in their life. Do it for the photos, do it for your partner, do it for new lingerie, but most important do it for yourself!
I have the best time shooting with the lovely ladies at Tempt Boudoir in Indianapolis. They make me feel very comfortable, are always encouraging and even position me so I don’t have to think about a thing! Tempt is a company based on making ALL women feel special. Yes I have modeling experience but many ladies they work with do not. They will supply you with professional hair and makeup, style guides, and pose coaching during the shoot. Anyone can do a boudoir shoot, if just takes the effort of putting yourself out there.






Tempt has affordable prices with three gracious packages that all include a one on one consultation with photographer Robyn, full hair and makeup styling by Bri, and professional retouching. Each package offers a different amount of digital images to you. I love that all three packages include hair and makeup, because on your big shoot day that is the last thing you want to worry about handling yourself. You want to be pampered and you will be at Tempt.






I can’t speak highly enough about Tempt Boudoir ! Their services are exceptionaly sexy while also the epitome of class. I promise the team will make you feel comfortable and sensual even if you have never had a photo shoot. This team is especially great with beginners so do not be nervous. Enjoy and embrace yourself!

Check out their website now to setup a consultation!

Tempt Boudoir

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 A big thank you to the team for my lovely images!


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