Lineage Wear – Ethical, Sustainable, Inclusive

I am a HUGE legging fan and am always looking for the best. I wear leggings a lot, to work or the gym, running errands on the weekends, or relaxing at home. When I saw Lineage leggings I knew I had to try them. I was very happy with what I found on their website. Not only do they have fun unique prints, but these babies are made to last and for everyone! All leggings are made in NYC with high quality fabrics and in an environmentally friendly process. From printing to shipping Lineage does everything possible to keep the company green and local. 


two    five


As a plus size woman who works out it is difficult finding workout wear I am comfortable in. I don’t need all my bits bouncing around when I am active, I need some control especially in my stomach and butt. Lineage has got me covered with their sturdy but breathable spandex.  Lineage is an inclusive company meaning they have sizes for everyone! When I say everyone I mean it, they have sizes XS – 5X! (Plus they have cut kid and wee baby leggings to match mommas!) I was gifted a size 3X ankle legging and a 2X tank top, both fitting perfect! I am glad I went up to a 3X in the legging because they do run a bit small and are of course form fitting. With plenty of stretch and length these leggings were great to wear all day. All the Lineage leggings are made with a thick spandex material with tons of stretch and strength. Also all styles have a extra high waist which is a must for all leggings I wear. says it best:

“These leggings have been specifically engineered to withstand stress, flatter the body, and prevent common complaints:

  • Lightweight, moisture wicking- no sweat marks
  • Extra high waist – no jiggle, no muffin top
  • Contoured shape – no yanking, no saggy crotch
  • No center seam and an angled inseam – no camel toe
  • Coverstitched hem- no binding elastic”

six.jpg   four

Lineage also has other goodies including light weight breathable tanks, tees, and now offer leggings as shorts! As summer approaches I know shorts will be my next go to.  I certainly recommend these leggings for all activities from walking to lifting weights. They have comfort, stretch, durability and high quality! Plus so many cute and fun prints with new ones popping up often. 

Brand: Lineage Wear

Sizes: Baby, Kids, Adults sizes XS – 5 X

Prices: Adults tanks and leggings $25-$60

If you purchase through my blog you will receive 10% off!

10% off now through this link!

Thank you to Lineage for being a truly amazing company with quality goods!


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