The Pampered Period Box


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My May subscription box review is all about The Pampered Period Box! As you might have noticed I’m loving female specific subscription boxes lately. This box really caught my eye because the large amount of items you get and its not only items for your period. I would suggest this box to ladies who do not menstruate as well. The Pampered Period Box is more about providing women with items and techniques to practice self care. In fact my box didn’t even come with pads or tampons, but was FULL of great items for me to indulge myself in. The box came packaged with beautiful details to make it extra special. I loved the cute postcard with the cinnamon stick and rose petals that filled the box.


My Pampered Period Box came with so many luscious goodies! I just kept unpacking items, it was great! My favorite items included a large notebook, a cute makeup bag, a TonyMoly mask, and two bath bombs! I am obsessed with baths so I can never have enough bombs.

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Also included in was liquid B12, which I have never used. After reading the information sent with my pampered period box I learned simply adding the B12 to a drink daily can help keep my nerves and red blood cells healthy.

A unique add to my box was a delicious recipe for a chocolate smoothie. Other drinks included a  box of calming flow tea and several packets of electrolyte mix. This box had hydration covered!


What is a period box without some chocolate!? My Pampered Period Box came with four yummy squares to nibble on while you relax in the bath wearing your TonyMoly mask. After the bath try the Beauty Works Shea butter lotion and continue your evening of relaxation with the candle burning through the night. This is certainly a relaxation self care box. I could get used to receiving all these treats once a month. No need to go to the store for your girlie goods, just sign up for the Pampered Period Box!

What’s in the box each month? Finely curated items for menstrual health and self care. each month is different. You don’t have to have a menstrual cycle to enjoy this box!

Price? $57 per month

Why? Because you need to indulge yourself from time to time. And 10% of every purchase goes to Girls Helping Girls Period Organization.

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