Love your Thighs in Thigh Society Shorts!


All of us plus ladies know the agony of chubrub! And if you don’t, I envy you! Seriously, this is one thing I am actually self conscious about. Because of my thighs rubbing I get dark spots and sometimes breakouts. I hate it! I have used powders, deodorants and spanx. In the end no chemical has lasted more than 30 minutes and shorts get so sweaty and therefore hold moisture in which rubs my thighs.

Size 2x High Rise Black Short

Thigh Society shorts really are unique. They are not spanx, they are lightweight and VERY comfortable. The moisture wicking material is comfortable on the skin and breathable.  Thigh Society shorts keep you dry, so you never have to worrying about leaving a wet mark on a chair or pulling them off with pliers. haha

Thigh Society shorts come in three styles and three colors that run from a size S-4XL.  All are sold for $34.00, a good price for a quality product that lasts. The three styles have varying lengths at the waist: Mid Rise, High Rise, and Ultra High Rise. I prefer my underthings to go over my belly button, so I got the high rise shorts and they fit great!

Get yours at ! 

Five kisses for this fabulous product! I’m looking forward to seeing more from Thigh Society! 

This was a sponsored post by ThighSociety. All opinions are my own and are 100% honest as I want to provide real content for my readers. Thank you.


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