How to find the right strapless bra

I have been fighting with strapless bras since I was a teen! I could never get away with no bra but yet I could never find a flattering and comfortable strapless. I honestly gave up looking until I saw the Strapless Sensation Multi-Way from Curvy Couture.  Their bras and panties are made so well, very high end which is a must for a strapless bra.




Because I have so many black or bright color bras already I decided to go with a more sensible bra, one I could wear under white clothing. I choose the Strapless Sensation which actually has 7 ways to wear it! This is the perfect bra for ANY outfit because it will change as needed.

Top 3 Steps for Finding the best strapless Bra:

  1. Do not be cheap when it comes to quality bras, especially multi-way. You honestly get what you pay for. Plus as a curvy woman we have even more obstacles so fit must be spot on!

  2. Look for plastic stay in place lining around band. This “gripper” of sorts holds bra in place on your skin.

  3. Don’t worry about ribbons and pretty bows, you need to make sure the girls don’t make a unannounced appearance.

A very important must have for any multi way bra is the stay in place strips. This bra not only has these strips around the entire band but also on the straps! This is prefect to hold even the largest girls in place.

I paired this bra with the essential boyshort that feels luscious on my skin. This panty is nylon and spandex with a hint of tummy control. Very comfortable easy panty to wear. I know this is a well made set I will have for a long time. Not only does it fit well and wear well but it goes with any wardrobe item. Everyone needs a bra what is able to change with them and this is the one for me.

See all the available high end intimidates selections at
Specializing in sizes 32-44 band and C- H cup.





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