We Vibe from Betty’s ToyBox

As a Betty’s Toybox affiliate member I am always excited to try new adult toys. This time I got to rest out the We-Vibe Jive Wearable Hands Free G-Spot Vibrator. I was already familiar with We Vibe brand and know they make high quality toys. I have had no issues with any I already own, so getting a new We Vibe to add to my collection was a no brainer!

This toy is really for ANYONE! Do you like be stimulated inside or out? Do you like handsfree? Do you like bluetooth and USB charging? Then you would like the We-Vibe! This is primarily made for the female to insert and reach the treasured G spot. The smooth silicone texture makes for very easy insertion and movement. There is only one small button so it is easy to turn on and change between the 10 intense vibrations. Let your partner control this little gem from their phone up to 30 feet away and you will be one happy woman.

My favorite feature is the bluetooth capability. This is one high end and high tech device. Upgrade from those awful “vibrating panties” and get a real toy with a 2 year warranty!

The We-Vibe is also waterproof safe and USB chargeable with a very simple magnetic connector. The toy itself is very comfortable and flexible for anyone. In fact it got quite slippery, but that was only downside.

This is a very high quality toy and We Vibe stands behind their products. I look forward to seeing what else they come out with!

To get this toy and so many more use my affiliate link below.

Betty’s Toybox!

Special Thanks to Betty’s Toy Box and We-Vibe!

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