Coochy What?

I’ve see numerous creams, lotions, and potions to supposed prevent shaving rash but my sensitive skin never fails to break out when shaving sensitive areas. I had heard of Coochy products before but had been skeptical. Thankfully my friends at Betty’s Toy Box hooked me up and helped change my mind!

Not only do Coochy shave creams come in multiple scents but also offer after shave oils to help protect the skin and motion wicking lotion. I like to go for original scents or non scented so I tried the Coochy Oh So Smooth Shave Cream in Be Original first. I was pleasantly surprised at the prefect texture of the cream and gentle light scent.

The cream came out easy and was almost as thick as a lotion. Thicker than most regular shave creams or gels that slide off my skin. The Coochy Shave Cream held onto my skin and came off great when I shaved. The cream really was the perfect texture for shaving and left me smooth after use.

I also got to try some yummy scented shave creams including Green Tease, Frosted Cake and Floral Haze. The frosted cake made me hungry! OMG it smelled delicious, I wanted to lick my self. However this is not edible shave cream. Damn. HAHA If you arent into scented creams the Be Original or the Au Natural are the way to go.

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After my shave I used the Coochy After Shave Soothing Protection Mist- Botanical Blast. I was so impressed with the fresh minimal scent this mist had. Again I don’t want something overpowering especially on my vagina! One spray and my vagina felt cleansed and cool. This product has soothing essential oils and is designed to tighten pores while preventing irritation. I loved how it left my freshly shaved skin feeling and smelling!

Another product from Coochy is the Intimate Protection and Moisture Wicking Lotion! Men use Gold Bond now women have Coochy Lotion to protect against boob sweat! You know what I’m talking about ladies. I hate the red lines I get where my bra sits and rubs leaving me chafed and sweaty at times. This lotion helps prevent that and is safe for all areas of the body.

Last but not least for some beautiful and sexy skin is the Exsens Of Paris Beauty Glam Oil with Glitter. Did you say glitter? Hell yes and this is filled with GOLD GLITTER. Talk about stepping up your oil game, this baby is so sensual and screams sex! Bust out this oil for any special occasion and you will not be forgotten. Super easy spray on application for use anywhere, though I’m partial to the breasts. The oil also offers a light scent of almond while illuminating your skin. Note you will get a bit messy so head to the shower after shimmering up and showing off!

Thank you to Betty’s Toy Box for gifting these products! As always shop them all using my affiliate link here at Betty’


Use code “ROXI” for 10% off any order at Betty’s Toy Box!


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