My First Brazilian!

I did it! It only took me 34 years to build the courage to to get a full Brazilian wax. Yes I did the entire shabang! Head to toe, front to back, up and down. ALL OF IT and I’m so glad!


So now I present some guidance for those a bit scared to go for the gold. I promise it is not as bad as you think AND it’s totally worth it!

First do your research, get some recommendations from friends or even family of places they have went. If you don’t know anyone who has had a wax consult the internet. Call around to a few shops and ask questions. You want to be as comfortable as possible!

After reaching out to a few local burlesque babes I was given the name of Julie Powers, an Indianapolis makeup artist and Esthetician.  I reached out to Julie and immediately got a professional and informed response. Before I even asked many questions I told Julie I had never been waxed and to give me all the vital info. She laid everything out including that yes it will hurt, but not as bad as imagined, and that hair should be a minimum of a quarter inch. The longer the better.

For me being nude in front of a stranger is no big deal, but I know for many it is scary. Make yourself comfortable, take a shower before your appointment and take a water to stay hydrated. Be open with your esthetician about any concerns you have.

Once I got my appointment booked Julie explained her process and that she used both hard and soft wax. She works from the outside in, so if I would need to stop it wouldn’t look odd. It would look like a bikini wax.


I went to Team Beauty Domination to see Julie and she welcomed me with a warm greeting. Her location is very private and she immediately made me feel comfortable. She gave me the chance to ask any questions and again went over her process for waxing.

In waxing there is hard wax used for many parts of the body, which has to be picked off. (No paper) The hard wax pulls the hair from the root, not just the surface hair.  Hard wax does not pull the skin, only the hairs, thus it can be applied to the same area multiple times. Soft wax is more often used on facial waxing and does attach to skin. Paper is used to pull the wax off. If you miss a spot you cant go back over it with soft wax or the skin will be damaged.

Make sure your esthetician knows what she is doing by asking her questions about the wax used. Julie used a mix of soft on the larger parts of my feminine areas and hard everywhere else.  As far as pain I think they hurt equally. I just want my skin to be safe!

As a fat woman some might expect I was nervous about my fat vagina. Again I’m a nude model so I wasn’t shy.  However it did help that Julie wasn’t a 20 year old size 2 brand new esthetician. She made me feel comfortable not only with her expert knowledge but with her fun personality. We literally chatted the entire time and that helped me so much! Once she got started she was very quick and kept checking that I was okay during the process. She gave me towels to cover if I needed and made sure the room was a calming zone with soft aromas and music.

Before I knew it half of my hair was gone! I was a champion! Julie told me so!

I really was worried I wouldn’t be able to handle the pain, but it was a quick process and quick pain. It took about 20 minutes for the wax to be complete and I felt so great after. Luckily I had no issues after my wax either. I kept panties off for 24 hours as Julie advised and had only a small bit of redness the next day.

Now 3 weeks later and I just now have a little bit of hair growth in one area! I cant believe it, my leg hair and underarm hair have grown much faster than my pubic hair. This is very rare for me and I love it! I plan to get waxed again since my hair grows back long enough.  To me not having to worry about shaving for a month is phenomenal.

Thank you Julie for making my first experience wonderful! I highly recommended Julie to anyone in the Indianapolis area. Also, if keeping hair out of your public area is important to you I say go for the wax! It doesn’t hurt that bad and the pain is gone quickly. It’s totally worth if for smooth skin.

Reach Julie Powers at


3 thoughts on “My First Brazilian!

  1. Daniel Higgerson

    Yet another well executed review. I would egree totally with the doing the research propperly first as i have heard with waxing in any form, if not done correctly, it can do damage to skin and sub surface tissues. Hence the research bit. It best to find a professional who has the experience and also has a good reputation for their work. Can make a new experience pleasant or completely ruin it all too quickly. ________________________________

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