Valentine Lingerie Looks

The time is upon us that so many people dread, but why? Its fun to get your special someone a gift and if your a man that has no clue I am here to help! Look no further than one of my favories Hips & Curves! This fabulous company caters to plus size ladies and has a huge inventory of high quality lingerie.

Layla Fold Down Lace Bra, size 42D on Roxi

The first item I am loving is the Layla Fold Down Lace Bra! Of course I got this in the red and black, perfect for Valentines Day vibes. This bra is so comfortable, made from a nylon spandex. My everyday bras are usually not very sexy but give comfort, this bra gives both! I LOVE how you can unhook the lace on the top and simply fold it down to make this a shelf bra. So sexy and fun! Anyone can wear this bra and rock it!

For some extra sass I paired the red Layla bra with these gorgeous Plus Size Bow Top Ruffled Semi Opaque Thigh Highs. Not only do these look hot they actually stay up without hooks! These fit me so well, which is also hard to find with my very large thighs. I didn’t even rip these when I put them on HAHA I struggle with being gentle with all stockings but these babes stood up to me and my big legs! WINNING!

Bow Top Ruffled Semi Opaque Thigh High, 3/4 on Roxi

Last I had to get a corset for the big day because I like to be extra. For ladies who don’t wear lingerie much I’d suggest just getting a bra, panty, and thigh highs. Add in some new heels for extra brownie points! Sneak and look at her current bra sizes and panty so you don’t have to ask her. If you need help call Hips & Curves, they are always helpful.

I wanted to go bold but away from red so I choose the Paloma Plus Size Steel Boned Corset. This is a high end sturdy corset made to shape your waist. Corsets can be confusing and difficult, so if you are new to wearing them start with a more basic. This is a real corset as it has multiple steel bones inside and made from thick high quality fabrics, thus it is stiff when new and definitely holds you in tight.

As a corset lover and long time wearer I have been very impressed with what Hips & Curves offers. This will last me a lifetime and I can pair it with so many looks from steampunk to gothic or even in the bedroom.

Thank you to Hips & Curves for partnering with me and of course for making so many options for us plus size babes!


Partners go and have fun shopping for your special Valentine! Don’t get overwhelmed or stressed, this is meant to be fun. Plus I promise any gift from my partner I always love because he knows me and what I like. Your partner will too!


Special Thanks to Jessica Branstetter Photography for the beautiful images! Contact her at to book your own session!

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