Sex Furniture is Liberating


I am a newbie when it comes to sex furniture. I always thought why would I need that? I have a bed, chairs, a floor, etc. BUT now that I have experienced the Liberator Tula Hands Free Double Sex Toy Mount I need more! I chose this mount because I webcam and offer videos to fans, so this is a perfect addition to my videos, especially my solo ones.


Right away I was highly impressed with the packaging and quality of the Liberator. In fact the Liberator came in a air suctioned bag that compressed it to half its size! At first I was confused thinking I got wrong item, but no once I read directions and removed the bag it enlarged! It was so cool! Also included is a removable velvet cover that you can throw in the wash when needed.

This isn’t some basic pillow or cushion, the Liberator is constructed with super dense foam and ergonomically fitting for many positions solo or with a partner. This specific model offers two areas to add toys! Another reason I chose it was because I knew I wanted to ride and needed a hands free experience. Also, I am a huge fan of wands and loved the hole on the side that is designated for a larger toy like a wand.

The top hole is smaller and designed to hold any style of dildo. I tried a few different ones and they all held in great. Once I was riding the mount with the toy in I had absolutely no issues with the toy coming out, it stayed in place entire time. Riding the mount was perfect as it fit my height well and was comfortable.

The side hole is a bit larger and deeper, made to hold a wand. I used my Le Wand Massager and laid on my back right up against it. Wow did it do what I needed and all HANDS FREE! No more holding one or two toys, I just got to focus on myself and feeling good!

Overall I am highly impressed with the Liberator and certainly want to try more mounts from this brand. As a plus size person I thought I might just squish this down but I didn’t! I fit perfect and its very comfortable in all the ways I tried. Next I’m going to use it with my partner, as the ways to use it are endless. Any hands-free toy play is fun, add a partner and its 2x the fun right?!




Thank you to Betty’s Toy Box for gifting this item and for selling amazing products! Use code “ROXI” for 10% off anything at







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