Panties, Panties, and more Panties!


A lingerie lover can never have too many pairs of panties! I know my tote full is overflowing. I suppose I need another plastic tote so I can keep getting more! I honestly need a organizational guru to help me with all my panties. It may be out of control, but shhhhh don’t tell anyone!

Today I am featuring some of my favorite panties from Hips & Curves, the US based and female owned plus size lingerie company. In case you haven’t noticed from previous blogs I LOVE this company. Sadly it is hard to find a company like this, they actually care that you are happy with your products and are proud of what they sell.

Olivia Strappy Back


The first panty that I love for photoshoots is the Olivia Strappy Back Plus size panty. This isn’t exactly a practical everyday panty but it is FIRE for a special occasion or of course photos. Surprise your partner and take some panty pics in this beauty and you’ll be having a great evening! Hips & Curves offers this style in red, black, and ivory so buy one of each!

Olivia Strappy Back


Next is another lace beauty that goes up like a thong but does have great front coverage. The Cheeky Boyshort with Laceup Back is great under a sexy dress for a cute surprise once you take it off. This style is much more comfortable than the one above. I prefer thongs or boyshorts as they stay up on my hips and booty well. Plus look at that booty POP! Thank you for making my cheeks HOT!

Cheeky Boyshort with Laceup Back

Bonus this little number is part of the buy 3 for $36 special! Load up on those EXTRA sexy undies with this deal.

I cant get away from the lace, sorry not sorry! It makes me feel crazy sexy and hugs me in the right places. This is the Scalloped Edge Wide Lace Thong and I could wear these daily because they great coverage in front on my lower belly, paired with wide side panels. These almost don’t look like a thong because of the wide side, but they still have thong back. I really like this with a business pant so I don’t show a panty line but still feel very comfortable and feminine under boring pants. (I have pants!) This thong comes in red and black at the affordable price of $9.95.

Scalped Edge Wide Lace Thong

There is a VERY similar lace thong that offers six colors and is part of the Buy 3 for $36 special. This panty is the Zoey Plus Size Lace Thong. Again it has wide sides and front from support which I love. I think I need all these beautiful colors and the matching bras! But don’t get my started on bras HAHA

Zoey Lace Thong

If you aren’t into lace or thongs and need a more practical everyday style you can find that at Hips & Curves also. They literally have everything. Cotton, microfiber, satin, mesh, spandex, and more! Find the material you like and the style that fits your body. Best of all a huge collection of the panties are buy 4 for $28! That is a damn bargain, especially for quality, comfort, and great looking styles.


For extra savings use my code “roxiadore” for 10% ANY purchase! Even sale items!


Huge thanks to Hips & Curves for wonderful products for plus size people! Shop more through my affiliate links on this page and at


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