This is 35

Today I am 35 years old. At first this scared me. I am now closer to 40. I always round up so to me I’m in the 40’s category, but really that doesn’t matter right? Age is just a number they say. Beauty has no age. etc etc.

Well some days I do feel older, like when I have to google internet slang like smh or I have to explain to my son what a CD is. My knees pop when I walk up stairs or just move sometimes. 1999 doesn’t seem that long ago, but holy shit it was 20 years ago. I am happy when I get carded for alcohol. I’ve aged into a brand name snob for things like make up and shoes. (I’ll never give up my Aldi grocery shopping though don’t worry!) I remember I was in high school audio visual class when 9/11 happened. We watched the news all day not understanding what a catastrophic event just happened. I remember my teachers saying this will be in all the history books and we are witnessing it.


You could say I’ve witnessed a lot in my 35 years. I’ve traveled to 8 different countries and all over the United States. I have birthed a son. I got a college degree. I stripped in Vegas. I went to European alone for 6 months. I’ve met countless wonderful people and tons of scumbags. I’ve slept with some in both category. I’ve put myself out into this fucked up world and have come out successful! That is hard to fucking do. I’ve been in love, I’ve been hurt and I’ve hurt others. I have crumbled and fell, but I have grown.

I always say my experiences in life have made me the confident person I am. I cant say it enough because I promise you I was a insecure shy closed off mess at 18 years old. A younger version of me would have never model, never be naked on the internet and certainly never think people would pay to see me naked.

So today turning 35 isn’t scary anymore. Being this age is fucking great because I am happy in the life I’ve built. I am independent yet also have a wonderful support system that I choose to bring into my life. I have made my life what it is today and its pretty fucking amazing. It is amazing because I have worked my ass off and got what I wanted. Success.

My age isn’t going to slow me down anytime soon. I am excited for many projects and trips coming up in 2019. I’ll meet more great people and some assholes along the road. I know now not to waste one moment on the assholes. I know not to sacrifice my happiness for anyone else’s. I know to put my family and myself first.

Thank you for being wonderful supporters of my wild ways! Let’s keep having naked adventures in 2019!


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