There’s a New Wand in Town

Okay Doxy isn’t a new brand, but its new to me because I’ve always been a Hitachi Wand type of gal. However I may have been persuaded by this new bedroom pal. It offers so many more features than the Hitachi and its much nicer looking. Read on to learn my favorite parts of the Doxy 3!

I was gifted the Doxy Number 3 Aluminum Extra Powerful Massage Wand Vibrator from my friends at Betty’s Toy Box! They never fail to make me a happy girl! So this is the third Doxy on the market just as the name states. Unfortunately I don’t have the original Doxy or the Doxy Die Cast so I can’t compare the three, however I can certainly give a great opinion on Doxy 3!


What got my attention about Doxy 3 was the detachable head! No other powerful wand has this ability so I was very eager to get my hands on it. The Doxy 3 came in a sturdy box for safe keeping. The head on the Doxy is smaller in height than the previous two and it actually unscrews to come off to clean or change head type. Yes there are actual other heads you can screw on! None of this pop on fall off attachments. The Doxy 3 heads are SCREWED ON! It wont fall off while when you are about to cum! HAHA

Close up of naked head

The different heads are sold individually and Betty’s Toy Box has three different ones to choose from. I got to play with the Clitoral Simulator Head and the G-Spot Rabbit Head. Again both screw on with ease. I especially loved the G Spot Rabbit because I loved the power of it gave me while being inside me. The clitoral Simulator felt great, but was a little too flexible for my liking.

Clitoral Simulator head, Original head device comes with, and G-Spot Rabbit head.

Another noticeable change to Doxy 3 is the size. Doxy 3 is much smaller weighing in at 12.3 ounces rather than 2 pounds 13 ounces the original weighs. That’s one big tool! Doxy 3 is also shorter at 12.3 inches versus 13 inch original. Even though the Doxy 3 is significantly smaller it gives the same mega power as the two previous models. RPM’s range from 3,000-9,000 depending on what setting you are using.

Doxy 3 with G-Spot Rabbit head on.

Speaking of wand heads I loved the soft silicone version on Doxy 3. If I compared it to the original Hitachi I would hands down pick the Doxy 3. Besides the heads being noticeably different I felt like the Hitachi and Doxy are close in power. Because both plug in they offer major power just as I like it.

The Doxy 3 does have two other one ups on the Hitachi- The removable head and the 3 prong plug in that can convert to multiple countries electrical outlets. This is your new travel buddy aka best friend!

Thank you again to the wonderful team at Betty’s Toy Box! For an additional savings and to support my affiliate program with Betty’s Toy Box please purchase direct from Betty’s and use code “ROXI” for 10% off! As always thank you to Betty’s Toy Box! Shop here!

Screenshot_20181005-083924_Google.jpg                                                 20180917_171240_0001.png

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