Dildo Art!



Uberrime, (Uber-ree-may) is a one man operation creating handmade unique pieces of art. Yes art. Dildo art! Uberrime offers such a large array of dildos and anal toys in a multitude of shapes, densities, and colors. Some color selections even offer combining three colors for a marble look. The design process is not taking lightly for any Uberrime product, each created especially for you in mind!


I was gifted 3 Splendid Dual Density Dildos from my friends at Peepshow Toys! I was able to try not just one size but small, medium, and large. Immediately I loved how soft and someone smushy these dildos were. Not too soft and not too hard, just the right texture. The two layers of body safe silicone create a more realistic feel which I absolutely loved. Not only was this toy soft in my hand but also glided into me so easy just like I hoped.


Besides looking so beautiful this works of art feel wonderful when used! I specially liked the fact that these are harness compatible and have a good suction bottom. This made them even more versatile!


The Small Dual Density Splendid dildo offers a total length of 6 inches, not to shabby. With a maximum girth of 1.59 inch at the head. All there models are identical in the make, feel, and design which includes a lovely head. The small was a great piece to start with, to get warmed up, but personally I always enjoy bigger.

Small Dual Density Splendid Dildo, $59


The Medium Dual Density Splendid Dildo is only a touch larger coming in at 6 inches in length and 1.67 inch in the head. This beautiful work of art has so much detail in the head and veins in the shaft. Lifelike is an understatement!

Medium Dual Density Splendid Dildo, $69

Last the large Dual Density Splendid Dildo was my favorite for when I really wanted a long play session. The total length is 8 inches with a 2 inch head. Much larger than the other two in all ways. This is not for a beginner but perfect for some variety!

Large Dual Density Splendid Dildo, $109

To shop more beautiful pieces by Uberrime go to www.Peepshowtoys.com

Use code “ROXI” and save 10% off anything!



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