Sex Furniture is Liberating


I am a newbie when it comes to sex furniture. I always thought why would I need that? I have a bed, chairs, a floor, etc. BUT now that I have experienced the Liberator Tula Hands Free Double Sex Toy Mount I need more! I chose this mount because I webcam and offer videos to fans, so this is a perfect addition to my videos, especially my solo ones.


Right away I was highly impressed with the packaging and quality of the Liberator. In fact the Liberator came in a air suctioned bag that compressed it to half its size! At first I was confused thinking I got wrong item, but no once I read directions and removed the bag it enlarged! It was so cool! Also included is a removable velvet cover that you can throw in the wash when needed.

This isn’t some basic pillow or cushion, the Liberator is constructed with super dense foam and ergonomically fitting for many positions solo or with a partner. This specific model offers two areas to add toys! Another reason I chose it was because I knew I wanted to ride and needed a hands free experience. Also, I am a huge fan of wands and loved the hole on the side that is designated for a larger toy like a wand.

The top hole is smaller and designed to hold any style of dildo. I tried a few different ones and they all held in great. Once I was riding the mount with the toy in I had absolutely no issues with the toy coming out, it stayed in place entire time. Riding the mount was perfect as it fit my height well and was comfortable.

The side hole is a bit larger and deeper, made to hold a wand. I used my Le Wand Massager and laid on my back right up against it. Wow did it do what I needed and all HANDS FREE! No more holding one or two toys, I just got to focus on myself and feeling good!

Overall I am highly impressed with the Liberator and certainly want to try more mounts from this brand. As a plus size person I thought I might just squish this down but I didn’t! I fit perfect and its very comfortable in all the ways I tried. Next I’m going to use it with my partner, as the ways to use it are endless. Any hands-free toy play is fun, add a partner and its 2x the fun right?!




Thank you to Betty’s Toy Box for gifting this item and for selling amazing products! Use code “ROXI” for 10% off anything at







Valentine Lingerie Looks

The time is upon us that so many people dread, but why? Its fun to get your special someone a gift and if your a man that has no clue I am here to help! Look no further than one of my favories Hips & Curves! This fabulous company caters to plus size ladies and has a huge inventory of high quality lingerie.

Layla Fold Down Lace Bra, size 42D on Roxi

The first item I am loving is the Layla Fold Down Lace Bra! Of course I got this in the red and black, perfect for Valentines Day vibes. This bra is so comfortable, made from a nylon spandex. My everyday bras are usually not very sexy but give comfort, this bra gives both! I LOVE how you can unhook the lace on the top and simply fold it down to make this a shelf bra. So sexy and fun! Anyone can wear this bra and rock it!

For some extra sass I paired the red Layla bra with these gorgeous Plus Size Bow Top Ruffled Semi Opaque Thigh Highs. Not only do these look hot they actually stay up without hooks! These fit me so well, which is also hard to find with my very large thighs. I didn’t even rip these when I put them on HAHA I struggle with being gentle with all stockings but these babes stood up to me and my big legs! WINNING!

Bow Top Ruffled Semi Opaque Thigh High, 3/4 on Roxi

Last I had to get a corset for the big day because I like to be extra. For ladies who don’t wear lingerie much I’d suggest just getting a bra, panty, and thigh highs. Add in some new heels for extra brownie points! Sneak and look at her current bra sizes and panty so you don’t have to ask her. If you need help call Hips & Curves, they are always helpful.

I wanted to go bold but away from red so I choose the Paloma Plus Size Steel Boned Corset. This is a high end sturdy corset made to shape your waist. Corsets can be confusing and difficult, so if you are new to wearing them start with a more basic. This is a real corset as it has multiple steel bones inside and made from thick high quality fabrics, thus it is stiff when new and definitely holds you in tight.

As a corset lover and long time wearer I have been very impressed with what Hips & Curves offers. This will last me a lifetime and I can pair it with so many looks from steampunk to gothic or even in the bedroom.

Thank you to Hips & Curves for partnering with me and of course for making so many options for us plus size babes!


Partners go and have fun shopping for your special Valentine! Don’t get overwhelmed or stressed, this is meant to be fun. Plus I promise any gift from my partner I always love because he knows me and what I like. Your partner will too!


Special Thanks to Jessica Branstetter Photography for the beautiful images! Contact her at to book your own session!

My First Brazilian!

I did it! It only took me 34 years to build the courage to to get a full Brazilian wax. Yes I did the entire shabang! Head to toe, front to back, up and down. ALL OF IT and I’m so glad!


So now I present some guidance for those a bit scared to go for the gold. I promise it is not as bad as you think AND it’s totally worth it!

First do your research, get some recommendations from friends or even family of places they have went. If you don’t know anyone who has had a wax consult the internet. Call around to a few shops and ask questions. You want to be as comfortable as possible!

After reaching out to a few local burlesque babes I was given the name of Julie Powers, an Indianapolis makeup artist and Esthetician.  I reached out to Julie and immediately got a professional and informed response. Before I even asked many questions I told Julie I had never been waxed and to give me all the vital info. She laid everything out including that yes it will hurt, but not as bad as imagined, and that hair should be a minimum of a quarter inch. The longer the better.

For me being nude in front of a stranger is no big deal, but I know for many it is scary. Make yourself comfortable, take a shower before your appointment and take a water to stay hydrated. Be open with your esthetician about any concerns you have.

Once I got my appointment booked Julie explained her process and that she used both hard and soft wax. She works from the outside in, so if I would need to stop it wouldn’t look odd. It would look like a bikini wax.


I went to Team Beauty Domination to see Julie and she welcomed me with a warm greeting. Her location is very private and she immediately made me feel comfortable. She gave me the chance to ask any questions and again went over her process for waxing.

In waxing there is hard wax used for many parts of the body, which has to be picked off. (No paper) The hard wax pulls the hair from the root, not just the surface hair.  Hard wax does not pull the skin, only the hairs, thus it can be applied to the same area multiple times. Soft wax is more often used on facial waxing and does attach to skin. Paper is used to pull the wax off. If you miss a spot you cant go back over it with soft wax or the skin will be damaged.

Make sure your esthetician knows what she is doing by asking her questions about the wax used. Julie used a mix of soft on the larger parts of my feminine areas and hard everywhere else.  As far as pain I think they hurt equally. I just want my skin to be safe!

As a fat woman some might expect I was nervous about my fat vagina. Again I’m a nude model so I wasn’t shy.  However it did help that Julie wasn’t a 20 year old size 2 brand new esthetician. She made me feel comfortable not only with her expert knowledge but with her fun personality. We literally chatted the entire time and that helped me so much! Once she got started she was very quick and kept checking that I was okay during the process. She gave me towels to cover if I needed and made sure the room was a calming zone with soft aromas and music.

Before I knew it half of my hair was gone! I was a champion! Julie told me so!

I really was worried I wouldn’t be able to handle the pain, but it was a quick process and quick pain. It took about 20 minutes for the wax to be complete and I felt so great after. Luckily I had no issues after my wax either. I kept panties off for 24 hours as Julie advised and had only a small bit of redness the next day.

Now 3 weeks later and I just now have a little bit of hair growth in one area! I cant believe it, my leg hair and underarm hair have grown much faster than my pubic hair. This is very rare for me and I love it! I plan to get waxed again since my hair grows back long enough.  To me not having to worry about shaving for a month is phenomenal.

Thank you Julie for making my first experience wonderful! I highly recommended Julie to anyone in the Indianapolis area. Also, if keeping hair out of your public area is important to you I say go for the wax! It doesn’t hurt that bad and the pain is gone quickly. It’s totally worth if for smooth skin.

Reach Julie Powers at


Coochy What?

I’ve see numerous creams, lotions, and potions to supposed prevent shaving rash but my sensitive skin never fails to break out when shaving sensitive areas. I had heard of Coochy products before but had been skeptical. Thankfully my friends at Betty’s Toy Box hooked me up and helped change my mind!

Not only do Coochy shave creams come in multiple scents but also offer after shave oils to help protect the skin and motion wicking lotion. I like to go for original scents or non scented so I tried the Coochy Oh So Smooth Shave Cream in Be Original first. I was pleasantly surprised at the prefect texture of the cream and gentle light scent.

The cream came out easy and was almost as thick as a lotion. Thicker than most regular shave creams or gels that slide off my skin. The Coochy Shave Cream held onto my skin and came off great when I shaved. The cream really was the perfect texture for shaving and left me smooth after use.

I also got to try some yummy scented shave creams including Green Tease, Frosted Cake and Floral Haze. The frosted cake made me hungry! OMG it smelled delicious, I wanted to lick my self. However this is not edible shave cream. Damn. HAHA If you arent into scented creams the Be Original or the Au Natural are the way to go.

Enter a caption

After my shave I used the Coochy After Shave Soothing Protection Mist- Botanical Blast. I was so impressed with the fresh minimal scent this mist had. Again I don’t want something overpowering especially on my vagina! One spray and my vagina felt cleansed and cool. This product has soothing essential oils and is designed to tighten pores while preventing irritation. I loved how it left my freshly shaved skin feeling and smelling!

Another product from Coochy is the Intimate Protection and Moisture Wicking Lotion! Men use Gold Bond now women have Coochy Lotion to protect against boob sweat! You know what I’m talking about ladies. I hate the red lines I get where my bra sits and rubs leaving me chafed and sweaty at times. This lotion helps prevent that and is safe for all areas of the body.

Last but not least for some beautiful and sexy skin is the Exsens Of Paris Beauty Glam Oil with Glitter. Did you say glitter? Hell yes and this is filled with GOLD GLITTER. Talk about stepping up your oil game, this baby is so sensual and screams sex! Bust out this oil for any special occasion and you will not be forgotten. Super easy spray on application for use anywhere, though I’m partial to the breasts. The oil also offers a light scent of almond while illuminating your skin. Note you will get a bit messy so head to the shower after shimmering up and showing off!

Thank you to Betty’s Toy Box for gifting these products! As always shop them all using my affiliate link here at Betty’


Use code “ROXI” for 10% off any order at Betty’s Toy Box!


Cotton Comfort

Kade and Vos

Kade & Vos is a female owned women’s clothing brand what offers size inclusive cotton sleepwear and undies! The team uses only high quality US grown cotton to ensure comfort and quality. All products are made in the US and offer a vase array of sizes from S to 6L.

shop size inclusive

I was gifted three pieces from Kade & Vos including the Feather Jogger in black. These joggers have a thick waist band so no worries about them sliding down and are made of a silky soft pima cotton. I love how light weight yet warm these are. They were perfect for the holidays this month when I was home preparing for family parties. As a jogger pant they have the tapered ankle, which is perfect for a shorter person like me. I’, 5’3 and it seems most lounge pants drag the floor. But not these joggers, they fit my frame perfect! Not too tight anywhere and not too lose. Pure comfort and warmth.

Size 2L in Feather Jogger
Size 2L in Feather Tank

I paired the jogger with the Feather Swing Tank also in black. I absolutely loved how this fit. Not too long and not short, plenty of stretch but also had a shape so it wasn’t baggy. The neckline sat perfect and arm holes had no gaping. I would like this in every color of the rainbow! HAHA It is literally a perfect basic tank.

Last I had to try to the Signature Thong. I am a thong kinda gal, but I swear I need new cotton ones monthly. Seams come lose, tears happen, or they just plain fall apart at times. Maybe my ass is that aggressive, but I didn’t think so! HAHA This Signature Thong is made of one of my favorite materials,micro-terrycloth. This material is much stronger than only cotton AND gives amazing support where I need it in my lower belly. With a 8-10 inch rise on the Signature Thong your stomach wont be left out in the cold.

Size 2L in Signature Thong

Supporting a small business is always important to me and something I try to do. Add in that Kade & Vos is female owned, US made products, and size inclusive and you have a major winner. If they don’t offer your size, email them and they can make it happen! Don’t identify as a female? That is okay, Kade & Vos is happy to support all genders or those who are gender fluid. Bottom line…Kade & Vos was built by two amazing women who have the customer at the forefront at all times. This brand is for us, the customer.

Shop Here at Kade & Vos!

Made in america



Thank you to Kade & Vos for gifting me these three items for review. All words are my own, giving 100% honest feedback.

My Naughty Wishlist


Hate getting the usual ugly gifts you’ll never use or wear? Sick of holidays being all about the kids? This year make a Betty’s Toy Box Wishlist and send it to your partner or best friend.  Make sure you get an actual gift you WANT and one that will please you for years!

I have compiled a little favorites list and picked out some great black Friday deals at Betty’s Toy Box. Get those orders in now for the best prices of the year and in time to please someone you love at Christmas. Or if you are like me pick up something extra special for yourself.

sales meme.png

  1.  Sola Wand sola.jpgThis is my all time favorite wand! That is saying so much because I am a picky bitch. HAHA. Honestly the soft silicone this is made of, plus the power it gives and the curved handle makes it a perfect wand. I left my Hitachi for this! If you are a regular here you know I love Sola products anyone, so this deal to purchase any Sola product and get the Sola Bullet free is EPIC! You will not be let down by Sola Products.

2.  Avant Dildo from Blushblush.jpg

Besides these dildos looking so cute, they are also made of a soft body safe silicone and have a suction bottom! These are perfect to stick in the shower or a chair for a fun ride. Also, each one has a different shape rocking some curves. I want to collect them all because they are so cute and feel amazing! Enjoy them at 25% off AND get a free Sola Bullet! Double win!


3. LELO Productslelo.jpg

Lelo is a luxury adult toy company with over a decade of experience. This European brand breaks the mold with design, quality and structure giving us nothing but pleasure. All Lelo items come with a  1 to 10 year warranty, online registration/support, USB charging and are 100% body safe. If you want upscale safe fun alone or with a partner Lelo toys will please you. They offer a large selection with over 20 products for men, women, or couples. The possibilities of pleasure are endless with Lelo!

For an additional savings and to support my affiliate program with Betty’s Toy Box please purchase direct from Betty’s and use code “ROXI” for 10% off! As always thank you to Betty’s Toy Box! Shop here!





The sale prices listed here last from Midnight Friday, November 23 to 11:59pm Thursday, November 29. All deals are WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

Bra Stop Never Lets Me (or my girls)Down

bra stop

Bra Stop is a shop that I can ALWAYS find lingerie at. They carry so many wonderful brands and have all types of lingerie. Weather you are in the US or the Europe, Bra Stop is the place to shop for large cup sizes. In both sets I wore a 42D bra and a size US 20 panty. I feel both brands I wore below are true to size, but of course always consult the brands size chart.

The first set is the gorgeous Poppy Balconette Bra with matching brief. Each item is 96% nylon and 4% elastic. This specific set is more delicate than some I have from Curvy Kate. I would suggest wearing this under a silky dress or something more upscale on a night out. It is certainly not a set I want to wear daily, as I am usually in sports bras day to day.

I really love the floral design on this bra because it is so feminine and dainty. As with most balconette styles this bra gives some coverage but is not a full coverage bra. Also this is not a push up or padded but it does have wired support. The top piece of each cup is see through lace and gives an ultra sexy feel. The matching brief has the same beautiful floral print on front and is entirely see through on back.

The second set I received from Bra Stop was by Pour Moi. This yellow set called Electric is quite different for me, but I embraced the bright yellow. With this set I felt it fit very similar to the Curvy Kate styles above. I wore the same sizes and felt great! The biggest difference besides the design was the material. This bold yellow set is 79% nylon and 21% elastic so it does have a bit more stretch, mostly in the panty.

This bra offers a slight push up but no padding. The underwire support was really good and I felt I wouldn’t spill out. This set was more of an everyday wear compared to the more delicate Curvy Kate floral set above.

The panty with this set was a high waist lace and nylon piece. The panty had plenty of stretch and was very comfortable. This is a full coverage brief with a lace accent. Pour Moi is great lingerie for comfort and a bit of sexiness. Plus you can wear their pieces in day to day life and be comfortable!

Thank you to Bra Stop for setting me up with these beautiful sets! For all your lingerie needs please shop my affiliate link by clicking anywhere on this post.

Also, huge thank you to Jessica Branstetter Photography for taking all photos used in this post.  

To shop Bra Stop click here!


Items were gifted to me, but all opinions are my own. Affiliate links do give me a small percentage back on all sales. This helps me keep my blog running and new content coming out.

Njoy Stainless Steel Wand


We all know there are tons of adult toys on the market, and many I’ve never tried but only heard of. I heard some juicy wet rumors about the stainless steel Njoy Products and damn am I a happy woman to now own one of their beautiful pieces.

All NJoy toys are cast in 316 grade stainless steel and hand polished to a mirror shade. This medical grade steel is of the highest quality and provides superior corrosive resistance with added strength. I was provided the Pure Wand from Betty’s Toy Box. As I have never used any stainless steel toys I was a bit hesitant to if I would like any of the Njoy designs. But I promise you the Pure Wand gives nothing but Pure Pleasure!

I immediately loved the classic black box my wand came in, as I certainly don’t want to just throw this in a drawer to be lost. I want this beauty to be treated well. After opening the luxurious case I realized how heavy this toy was. It was actually intimidatingly heavy (and not much intimidates me! HAHA) The actual weight of the toy is 1.5lbs with a total length of 8 inches. I have found out these are PERFECT measurements for extreme internal pleasure. There is no need to be alarmed by the weight or size, just use lubricant and take it slow.

You’ll notice each end of the Pure Wand is a different size giving you basically two toys in one! Also this wand can be used in any hole! I have no other adult toy that is so versatile. You could pay the same price for something that really only works well on your clitoris, so choosing the Njoy Wand is saving you money by using this in so many ways! Personally I loved the large end vaginally and the small end anally. Of course this is all up to you, like the company says just NJOY!

The curve of the Pure Wand was also spot on! Generally I like some flexibility, especially as I’m a plus size babe with short arms. However I had zero problems reaching with the Pure Wand. Most importantly this wand is built to reach the G spot and it did not let me down! I struggle with many toys not reaching or hitting the G spot so finding something that does every single time is EPIC!

I certainly look forward to experiencing more toys from Njoy. As a newbie to the stainless steel world of toys I look forward to trying more! Thank you to Betty’s Toy Box for gifting this item and for offering all my followers 10% off any purchase by using the code “ROXI”!

Shop my Betty’s Toy Box Wishlist Here!



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Hips and Curves Halloween Hoopla


You still have time to make this Halloween season epic! And by epic I mean make yourself feel fierce as fuck and turn some damn heads! I of course LOVE Halloween because anytime I can get dressed up I’m in. I’m not one to go too crazy with makeup or elaborate designs, I like to make a statement with my outfit.

Hips and Curves has so much to offer us plus size babes, especially items that can be worn multiple times! No one wants to spend $50 on a “costume” that wont ever be used again or will fall apart before nights end! Invest in a few amazing pieces from Hips and Curves and those will be in your repertoire for years.

I choose two gorgeous and sexy skirts for my outfits this season. I don’t usually buy a full costume because I like to mix what I already have. My favorite that I will certainly pair again for special events is the Striped Victorian Bustle Skirt. This skirt is BEAUTIFUL and so well made. It is actually a bit heavy because of all the gorgeous strong fabric. I absolutely love it. It zips in the back and I wore it high on my waist to give a great hourglass figure. It flows out in belly area, which fits my shape great since I have a large belly. Also the skirt has ribbon ties to pull up the back and gives rouching.

I paired this skirt with a black and white bra, black underbust corset and a hat to give a modern Victorian look. Honestly I could be any type of maiden in this outfit, so I’m not so worried about naming the look. I just know I felt stunning in this sweeping skirt and it was comfortable to wear a full evening, unlike so many costumes. I wore this in a 3x and it was form fitting, so I would advise to size up if you are in between sizes.

My second look is a goth mermaid vibe. I’m on a goth kick. HAHA This Quinn Lace Mermaid Shaping Skirt screams sexy and gave my booty so much love! Seriously I just wanted everyone watch me walk away and see how great my ass looked. HAHA I also wore this in a 3x and it was tight, so I would advise to size up if you are in between sizes.

Again I paired this with a strappy bra, keeping with the all black, and added a headpiece I made to spice it up for the season. I LOVE anything mermaid cut like this skirt, but was a little nervous about my belly. However this skirt has shaping attributes and helps hold the belly in place. Note this piece is very form fitting and very see through with only lace on bottom and a thin fabric layer on top half.

Pair this with a corset, crop top or tank to complete a look. Add accessories and boom you are a badass merbabe! You could even add to the skirt itself to make it more mermaidesque, like add green and blue rhinestones.

Just like the victorian skirt this one is very well made and has multiple layers at the top. The quality on both these is 100x better than you’ll get from a costume shop or chain store. Plus Hips and Curves is made for us large babes! Stop stressing about finding something to fit your ample body and just go with a place you know embraces those curves. I’ve spent countless amounts of money and time on cheap one time use XL costumes that I would squeeze into and rip by the end of the night. I am DONE with that none since and you should be too. This Halloween season you do you! Be whatever you want and HAVE FUN! Let Hips and Curves take care of the looking good part for you!



All photos by @EmmyShotMe from Indianpolis, IN

Thank you to Hips and Curves for gifting these items. All opinions are my own. There are affiliate links in this article, of which I get a small kick back from the company. This helps support my blog and brand.

My Hitachi Has Been Replaced

I never thought I’d say those words, but its time friends. Its time I replace my four year old Hitachi Magic Wand. My first wand ever. Enter my new #1 wand, my go to play partner, my crim de la crim, my Le Wand Petite Rechargeable Massager!

Le Wand is a female owned premium brand offering personal massgers and accessories. Created by sex expert Alicia Sinclair, Le Wand is here to embrace and empower sexuality. Specializing in high end beautiful and comfortable massagers, Le Wand, is certainly the Queen of the premium adult market.

What I noticed first was Le Wand offers the original Le Wand and a petite version. I opted for the petite because I need a lovely travel companion and something not so bulky. In comparison to the Hitachi Magic Wand, the Le Wand is so much lighter, quieter, better looking overall, more comfortable, and made for a woman’s body! The Hitachi is so huge and not appealing when you are getting in the mood. Plus its so loud, its like starting a lawn mower.

With the Le Wand pleasure was instant and seamless. The three buttons make use very easy and direct plus the petite size was great for my hands. I really loved the power the petite had too. I was worried since it was smaller it might not get the job done but I was very wrong, I didn’t even get past the third speed!

This wand has so much going for it: USB rechargeable, powerful, super cute, perfect petite size, simple 3 buttons, smooth but strong head. Its literally perfect for anyone. First time wand users or old pros like me.

Thank you to the lovely women at Betty’s Toy Box for gifting me this beauty. To buy yours check out




This was a sponsored post and I was gifted the Le Wand, however all opinions are real and my own.