Heart and Honey QUEEN BEE Box!

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I have been a fan of Heart and Honey since I found them on Instagram over a year ago and must say they are still one of my favorite subscription boxes! I only post products on here I actually like and this box is certainly one of them. Heart and Honey strives to bring sexual well being and body health together. Since my last box they have started offering even more boxes! The most fitting box for myself happened to be the QUEEN BEE BOX! I mean come on, that is the most fitting name!


The QUEEN BEE BOX contains 1 luxury sex toy and 2-5 smaller adult gifts. All products are to compliment a monthly wellness theme that promotes vitality and passion. As a sex positive feminist I am always happy to check out new toys to pleasure myself or partner. This QUEEN BEE BOX put all the focus on Moi which I am very okay with. As I often say self care is very important. Taking time for ourselves should be part of everyone’s weekly routine. For me a relaxing bath is a must at least once a week and this time I got to try the lovely Dona by Systems Jo aphrodisiac Bubblebath from my Heart and Honey Box. Smells and feels delicious! 


I also received some fun nipple enhancing gel. Nipples always need attention, on him or her, so this is a great little product to have handy. Other fun gems from my QUEEN BEE BOX included fuzzy Za Za Zu feather handcuffs, Sliguid lube,  Orgalamix lip balm, and a gorgeous silky foral scarf. 


Saving the best for last my Nalone FiFi Vibrator! This little pink friend is so fun! So small but yet powerful which is very important. USB charging which is also a must especially since I travel often with smaller toys like this. I especially love clitoral stimulation so FiFi Vib was perfect for solo play or with my partner. It provided the perfect tease to get me right where I needed. 7 speeds gave a variety of enjoyment as well.


Heart and Honey now has 3 box options, so if you aren’t thinking the QUEEN BEE is for you see what else they have to offer. A smaller starter box would be the BUMBLE BEE BOX that contains 2-4 sex toy products or accessories.

If you and a partner would like to treat each other than I would suggest the COUPLES BOX, which is custom made for the couple. Sight, smell, taste and touch will all be ignited when this box is received. This box will spoil and delight those partaking.

All of these boxes are available as one time purchases or as subscriptions! If you are not quite sure if you’ll love a box try it once. After one time you’ll be begging for more. Luckily Heart and Honey offers 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions!

Check out all the sensual details at www.HeartandHoneyBox.com or on Instagram at heartandhoneybox

Remember we must keep ourselves happy, right? Indulge yourself in this monthly treat! I promise you’ll be satisfied.




Safe, Clean, Consensual Fun: The Nooky Box

As you all know I am a big fan of subscription boxes AND sexy fun! So the Nooky Box is absolutely perfect! This is not a box for the weak of heart, you must be open to new toys and treats. I was seriously impressed with all the goodies I got and the large box it all came in.

20170423_200345   20170423_200605

The Nooky Box is a quarterly box that has different toys, lubes, and sexy surprises to enjoy. This is great for couples to spice it up, or singles. The main toy in this months box was one I’ve had my eye on for awhile, but was skeptical. I had not tried anything like it before, but am very happy I got my hands on this!


Vesper Vibrator Necklace by Crave : I can’t say enough amazing things about this necklace! This is a sexy statement for all to see but only you know the truth. Worn as a stunning stainless steel necklace, this vibrator can be taken anywhere. There are 4 speeds, it is water resistant, and is USB chargeable! I am in love with this toy! There is nothing else like this dual purpose item. The 4 speeds are VERY intense which surprised me for such a little toy. (And I can handle a lot of strength from a toy.) Plus it is so easy to travel with and charge. Also, this retails at $69 alone! Purchasing through the Nooky Box is the best deal you will find!


Cleo Bangle Handcuffs by Unbound: Again the Nooky Box brings an item that is stylish but also a bit kinky! The bracelets can be worn out, as they are beautiful, or they can be used in the bedroom. They are well made, and very classy. They even have “There is freedom in restraint” engraved on them. This was a lovely kinky touch.


Lube by Uberlube: One can never have enough lube. Am I right or am I right? Plus this one actually evaporates on your skin after play and can be used in your hair as an anti friz!

Oral Pleasured Mints by Bijoux Indiscrets: Fresh breath and pleasure certainly go together, so I’m all for having mints in every Nooky Box I receive. Extra bonus, they are sugar free.

Secret Sex Notes by Unbound: Can we please bring love notes back!? I am a sucker for a note, so if my husband left me one of these little cards I would grin ear to ear. Plus its as easy as picking 1 of the 10 from the bag- he doesn’t even have to write them! Slip it on your partners pillow before bed, or even add it to a packed lunch! Sending a message of sex appeal anywhere your partner goes.

Before and After Wipes by  Biddettes: Like I previously said freshness is a MUST. Fresh breathe, freshly shaved, freshness everywhere! Always be ready for your partner with these individual wrapped wipes. Keep one in your purse, at the office, or hell in the car! Perfect for before and after play.

Erotic Short Story Booklet: Last is the perfect small book of erotic stories. Leave this in the bedroom for a quick read together or alone.


Click above to purchase through my affiliate link!

The Facts

-Quarterly Box, $79 every 3 months. Or purchase 1 box at a time.

-Perfect for couples or individuals, all sexes

-Includes sex toys, lubes, and more

-Each box has a new unique theme

-5 kiss review for high quality adult fun

Find them at:  www.nookybox.com , Facebook: The Nooky Box , Instagram: @thenookybox