Sexy and Sultry in Curvy Kate

Sheer Bliss Balconette Bra in Mulberry Print, size 42D. Matching panty size 24.

I  was lucky enough to have Bra Stop hook me up with two gorgeous Curvy Kate sets recently. As an avid Curvy Kate fan, I would love to wear a gorgeous Curvy Kate lingerie set everyday! Their lingerie is silky, sexy, modern, and comfortable!

DSC_7133     DSC_7141

As a very known UK brand Curvy Kate is loved for their large cup beautiful lingerie. I love how Curvy Kate bras always fit me so well. Wires don’t poke in my sides or break. The quality is top notch and they make me feel drop dead gorgeous! Plus the panties always fit my large hips and belly no problem. The smooth silk these sets are made to make me feel like a porcelain goddess.

Princess Balconette Bra in Rose, size 42D. Panty size 24.

Not only does Bra Stop offer Curvy Kate they also have incredible brands like Freya, Pour Moi!, Tutti Rougue, and more! Most are UK brands that are now available in the US thanks to Bra Stop. Always remember to check if sizing is in UK or US size. Curvy Kate for example is a UK brand so you must see what your UK size is.


I cant say enough how much I love all the Curvy Kate sets I have. From everyday wear under my office attire to spicing up a little black dress. The lingerie is so versatile because it is not only comfortable but also great looking. Available in UK sizes 28D-44F Curvy Kate is made for large chested women.  Panties range from 8-24 UK Size. For sizing example I wear a 42D and 24 panty (UK).

If you haven’t tried a set from Bra Stop I highly suggest you do. The prices are great and there are always sales on top of that. No where else delivers such an array of UK lingerie to the US! Thanks for sharing the love and lingerie!


Thank you again to the wonderful team at Bra Stop for collaborating with me and providing great lingerie.

And a big thank you to Matthew Mayer Photography  @mmp_photos for the epic shots of me frolicking outdoors in my pretty panties.




How to create a sexy bedroom environment (and get a better sleep)

*Special guest post by Sarah from The Sleep Advisor!


Good news everyone – there’s another HUGE benefit to having sex. (Yay!)

Sex helps us sleep. No, I’m not talking about during the act, or even that awkward post-coital moment when he hasn’t rolled off you but has somehow managed to fall into slumber instead. Ugh.

I’m talking about that lovely, dreamy slumberland that sex can evoke, that great night’s sleep that’s been eluding you for days – or weeks? months?! – until you’ve had a good ol’ dose of nookie. When it does happen and you slide off into la-la land, you wake up rested. Refreshed. Ready for Round 2 (or 3).


But how exactly does sex help me sleep?

Good question. Well, it releases all those feel-good, stay-secure hormones like oxytocin and prolactin, which lead you to feel comfortable, relaxed and drowsy after The Big Moment. Simultaneously, it reduces cortisol levels in the body; that pesky hormone which causes those wheels of anxiety spinning in your stressed-out mind.

And you know what? More sleep can actually increase your libido, leading to – you got it – more sex. Bonus.

I’m intrigued. And I want more! How can I get some?

I’m so glad you asked. Obviously you’re in charge of sending out some serious sex appeal…but I can help you set the scene for what happens next. Because unlike what some porn directors would have you believe, there ain’t nothing sexy about fluorescent lighting


Here’s how to create a sexy bedroom environment:

1. Keep your work at the office

Or, if you work from home, make sure that your computer and other wirey-type stuff (technical term, FYI) are kept out of the bedroom. Tripping over chargers or seeing an email flash up in the throes of passion is a sure-fire way to kill the mood. So keep things separate – your work can be elsewhere but your bedroom is strictly for play.

2. Lose the gadgets

Unless, of course, you’re talking about your favourite new toy. What I mean is, your phones and laptops should be kept in another room if you can stand it, or at the very least, switched off when it’s time for bed. For one, the blue light they emit is a bad idea when you’re trying to get to sleep. Those science dudes say so, and I’m inclined to believe them.

Even more important, getting into a habit of binge-watching the latest Netflix hit with your partner won’t exactly get your pulse racing. Well, maybe it will but getting all hot and bothered about Stranger Things isn’t what we’re striving for here. So ditch the gadgets and welcome some ‘quiet time’ instead.

3. Light it up

You might be more of a ‘lights off’ person. Maybe that’s because you’ve only ever done it with a harsh 100-watt staring you in the face. In which case, I don’t blame you – after all nothing looks sexy in that kind of light. (Side note: so why the f**k do so many stores insist on blinding lights in their dressing rooms?!)

Take it from me: sex with the light on is a great idea. But like any good photographer will tell you, it’s all about finding the right light. Whether it comes from a dimmer switch or flickering candles (scented ones are even better), soft lighting helps you look and feel your best. A coloured scarf can also create a romantic glow when thrown over a lampshade; just make sure it isn’t placed over the naked bulb itself. Because we’re not after a fire here – just fireworks!

4. Focus on the senses

You’ve already created a visually pleasing environment, but what about your other senses? Those scented candles I mentioned can work a treat, as can burning some of your favourite essential oils. Or why not use the oils during a sensual massage? Then you’ll be taking care of your sense of smell and touch. Win-win.

Taste? Well, each other, hopefully! But of course there’s all those aphrodisiacs you can try before you even hit the hay. And while we may all not have oysters lying around our fridge, we can certainly give the more accessible ones – like chocolate – a try. Hell, why not bring it into the bedroom with you? Mmm, syrupy…

Sound? That’s easy, get your Barry White going – or maybe something slightly less cheesy – and start your sexy soundtrack to get you both in the mood.


5. Invest in the best

So you’ve got a bedroom that’s distraction-free, dimly lit and smelling great. You’ve dined on some delectable foods and those sultry songs have you making straight for the centerpiece of the room.

You both crash onto the bed, in a flurry of passion…and then…a haphazard spring sends you leaping up in pain.

Let’s face it. A saggy mattress or a lumpy pillow don’t exactly scream ‘sexy time’. Of course, there’s always the floor – but for me a comfortable, supportive bed for whatever you get involved in makes a big difference. Mattresses may not come cheap but get the right one and it’ll last you for a lifetime of great sex. Totally worth it.

Now that you’ve got your perfect bedroom environment, what’re you waiting for? Get to bed – you can thank me for the great sleep you’ll have afterwards later.


(This was a paid post specifically for
Photos by Nine 23 Boudoir and James Urban Photo. Thank you!)

Sola Sync Massager, more than just a toy 

Ladies I have found your soulmate. His/her name is Sola Sync and he/she is a curvy purple babe, soft and smooth and very strong!  Sola is a 10 function wireless remote control vibrator!

Thank you to the lovely people at Betty’s Toy Box for this amazing toy! You have upgraded my life!

Ok I am an avid sex toy fan! If you are new to toys just be advised this is a serious one. Not really for a beginner, unless you really want to invest in your orgasm future. 💜

I have been a huge fan of the hitachi magic wand in the past. It was my go to get it done toy. But now the Sola Sync has taken first place in my heart. I first noticed soft silicone this toy is made of, it is so inviting! Plus the toy is flexible which really accommodates use in any postion.

The Sola is hard in the right places but not uncomfortable. (Trust me I’ve played with toys that have no flexibility.  Ouch!) The Sola grooves with your body and is easy to hold because of the extra long handle. It is even ergonomically sound! How impressive! The damn hitachi wand does not blend/move/flex at all. Its like holding a power tool. Seriously so not sexy or comfortable against your body.

The Sola Sync gives 10 options for speed and patterns. I enjoy some serious power and Sola doesnt let me down! I didn’t even need to use the highest power!

Another benfit of this wireless rechargable massager is the remote control! So even my husband gets to have fun with this toy while in another room.

This massager is great from start to finish. You can please yourself or partner with a massage on the back or chest. Run slowly down the body and intensify the vibrations by picking 1 of 10 setttings.  Keep it in play during sex too by using as a clitorial stimulator.  Aka a womans best friend. 💜

Overall I rate this 5 stars and better than the well-known hitachi wand. Out with the old and in with the new! The Sola Sync has it all and will certianly be keeping me a satisfied woman.

This post was sponsored by Betty’s Toy Box. All opinions are my own as I only give honest reviews.  

 How to rock a maxi dress!

It saddens me when plus babes say they can’t wear maxis! This is a bold faced lie! We can all wear anything. The key is wear what you feel great in!

GCGME is the place to go for the maxi of your dreams! They have colors galore, tons of patterns and styles. Ranging in size from small to 4x GCGME really has a lot to offer. From casual summer dress to formal bridal wear you will find it at

I was gifted the Valerie Cap Sleeve V neck cocktail dress in turquise. This color is so beautiful! I felt like a queen wearing this gorgeous garmet. I especially like the rouching in the bust area that gives the dress something extra.

I am 5’3 and wearing a 2x and it fit perfect! Normally I have to take up maxis but not these. Beyond the fit the material felt smooth and comfortable.  Made of matte jersey (5% spandex) this material flowed over my curves and had a bit of stretch. 

The quality in these dresses is top notch. You could wear a GCGME dress to prom or in a wedding. Dont risk a amazon dress or spend over $100 when GCGME can cater to your needs much better. 

The second dress I got was the Dahlia cross over vneck also in a 2x. I love the sleeves on this one especially. Again this fit like a glove and makes me feel feminie and elegant.

GCGME does also offer shorter dresses, tops, jumpsuits and more. I would highly suggest looking at the gorgeous well made dresses for any occansion. Plus size ladies dont be nervous about a maxi! Wear want you want and be proud of your body! 

Thank you to GCGME for the beautiful gowns! 

All photos by Matthew Mayer from Indianapolis. 


Bandit Bras Home Delivery!

Last week I showed you my fav panty subscription offering plus sizes so this week I’m showing you bras! Yay Bras!

The Bandit Shop is a very unique company offering bras to your door! If I can order food and clothes to my door hell yes I need my lingerie delivered also. 

The Bandit Shop stocks beautiful high quality bras made in Europe in sizes 38-48 and DD-K! These bras are impressive boutique style pieces of lingerie for large cups! No more searching online or going to tiny high priced boutiques, now simply subscribe for bras to your door.

I was gifted the red Selena Bra in a size 42E (European sizing remember) and the fit is amazing! The straps and band are a perfect thickness to keep me secure(but not too thick like a grandma bra), the underwire holds me up great and the overall feel is amazing! Plus the detail on this bra is impeccable – love the lace shell design with cutesy jewel in the middle.

This specific bra also comes in black and beige. The Bandit Shop does have a few other bra styles with more to come! You can purchase 1 bra for $65 no subscription. Or you can choose 1 of the 2 subscription options, both saving you money. See both options below:

I am so excited about The Bandit Shop and all they have to offer.  Beyond beautiful high quality bras this is also a amazing company run by a woman who supports other women! Women supporting each other, complimenting one another and, bringing full breasted women together is what I call amazing!

Thank you to The Bandit Shop for a lovely bra! 

Get your subscription started at

Plus size panties to your mailbox!

Finally I found a panty subscription for us big girls! I’ve been searching for months it seems and I am so happy I found Splendies

Three pairs of panties for $16.99 per month delivered to your door! You really can’t beat that price or the cute selections. I choose a variety pack and got 1 thong, 1 brief, and 1 lace boyshort. Perfect! Along with style choices you get 4 subscription options also.

Even better they all fit great! Every woman who loves lingerie needs to get this subscription. It honestly will save you time and money! To your door panty service is the new norm!

My only complaint is 3x is largest size so I wish they went larger and Volupties (plussize) cost $3 more a month than traditional sizes. 

I am absolutley loving this subscription plus its smart! I go through panties like mad so having 3 new pretties show up at my door is brilliant! 

Sign up for your own subscription at !

How to find the right strapless bra

I have been fighting with strapless bras since I was a teen! I could never get away with no bra but yet I could never find a flattering and comfortable strapless. I honestly gave up looking until I saw the Strapless Sensation Multi-Way from Curvy Couture.  Their bras and panties are made so well, very high end which is a must for a strapless bra.




Because I have so many black or bright color bras already I decided to go with a more sensible bra, one I could wear under white clothing. I choose the Strapless Sensation which actually has 7 ways to wear it! This is the perfect bra for ANY outfit because it will change as needed.

Top 3 Steps for Finding the best strapless Bra:

  1. Do not be cheap when it comes to quality bras, especially multi-way. You honestly get what you pay for. Plus as a curvy woman we have even more obstacles so fit must be spot on!

  2. Look for plastic stay in place lining around band. This “gripper” of sorts holds bra in place on your skin.

  3. Don’t worry about ribbons and pretty bows, you need to make sure the girls don’t make a unannounced appearance.

A very important must have for any multi way bra is the stay in place strips. This bra not only has these strips around the entire band but also on the straps! This is prefect to hold even the largest girls in place.

I paired this bra with the essential boyshort that feels luscious on my skin. This panty is nylon and spandex with a hint of tummy control. Very comfortable easy panty to wear. I know this is a well made set I will have for a long time. Not only does it fit well and wear well but it goes with any wardrobe item. Everyone needs a bra what is able to change with them and this is the one for me.

See all the available high end intimidates selections at
Specializing in sizes 32-44 band and C- H cup.





Heart and Honey QUEEN BEE Box!

heartand honey  QUeen bee image

I have been a fan of Heart and Honey since I found them on Instagram over a year ago and must say they are still one of my favorite subscription boxes! I only post products on here I actually like and this box is certainly one of them. Heart and Honey strives to bring sexual well being and body health together. Since my last box they have started offering even more boxes! The most fitting box for myself happened to be the QUEEN BEE BOX! I mean come on, that is the most fitting name!


The QUEEN BEE BOX contains 1 luxury sex toy and 2-5 smaller adult gifts. All products are to compliment a monthly wellness theme that promotes vitality and passion. As a sex positive feminist I am always happy to check out new toys to pleasure myself or partner. This QUEEN BEE BOX put all the focus on Moi which I am very okay with. As I often say self care is very important. Taking time for ourselves should be part of everyone’s weekly routine. For me a relaxing bath is a must at least once a week and this time I got to try the lovely Dona by Systems Jo aphrodisiac Bubblebath from my Heart and Honey Box. Smells and feels delicious! 


I also received some fun nipple enhancing gel. Nipples always need attention, on him or her, so this is a great little product to have handy. Other fun gems from my QUEEN BEE BOX included fuzzy Za Za Zu feather handcuffs, Sliguid lube,  Orgalamix lip balm, and a gorgeous silky foral scarf. 


Saving the best for last my Nalone FiFi Vibrator! This little pink friend is so fun! So small but yet powerful which is very important. USB charging which is also a must especially since I travel often with smaller toys like this. I especially love clitoral stimulation so FiFi Vib was perfect for solo play or with my partner. It provided the perfect tease to get me right where I needed. 7 speeds gave a variety of enjoyment as well.


Heart and Honey now has 3 box options, so if you aren’t thinking the QUEEN BEE is for you see what else they have to offer. A smaller starter box would be the BUMBLE BEE BOX that contains 2-4 sex toy products or accessories.

If you and a partner would like to treat each other than I would suggest the COUPLES BOX, which is custom made for the couple. Sight, smell, taste and touch will all be ignited when this box is received. This box will spoil and delight those partaking.

All of these boxes are available as one time purchases or as subscriptions! If you are not quite sure if you’ll love a box try it once. After one time you’ll be begging for more. Luckily Heart and Honey offers 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions!

Check out all the sensual details at or on Instagram at heartandhoneybox

Remember we must keep ourselves happy, right? Indulge yourself in this monthly treat! I promise you’ll be satisfied.




My Favorite Summer Dresses!

I am an avid dress fan and have been since I realized my curves look great in dresses. Pants have ALWAYS been a struggle, so leggings and dresses are my favs. In summer I usually wear a dress 3-5x a week. I dream of a closet just for dresses! HAHA You get my point, I LOVE dresses. So here are some of my fav that I’m currently wearing. Enjoy!

Torrid Size 2 Maxi Dress.

This maxi dress can be worn day or night. Throw a jacket on and even wear it to work. Very light weight and flows!



20170715_192848 (1)
Curvy Sense size 3x off the shoulder dress

Obsessed with the sex appeal of this little number! I would wear this out for drinks or out on a date night! Dress it up more with heels! Shop at Curvy Sense now and use my special discount code “OASHLEE15” for 15% off!


Torrid size 2 Hi Lo floral dress

I love hi-lo dresses, I think they are cute and fit my body well. I never have to worry about my ass hanging out either! I would wear this casually on the weekend or with a cover up to work.


Torrid size 2 Pineapple Skater dress- Hot pink

I have a million skater dresses! The cut is so flattering to anyone because it accentuates your small waist.  This is another causal look for me but you can dress it up easy with heels or a necklace. From the office out to dinner and drinks would be easy in this.

Forever 21 size 3x Bodycon Dress

BadaBing Badaboom! This bodycon is defiantly for a night out dancing and shaking it! I used to be nervous about my belly in bodycon dresses, but not anymore. I rock that shit and no one can tell me otherwise. If you were nervous like me go try some on! I promise you’ll start getting into the bodycons. They make you feel like a total babe!

What are your favorite summer dresses?

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